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Stag Party Tickets on Facebook

Stag Party Tickets

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Importance of Ticket & Invites

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An invite or a ticket may just look like another leaflet but it is of utmost importance because of its functionality. It creates an impact which can potentially make an everlasting impression on the minds of prospects buying or getting the invite. Needless to say, free ‘word of mouth’ promotion is an inherent aspect of such a product. The effectiveness of invites/tickets is primarily owing to the longevity it enjoys in the hands of the bearer.

Friends toasting with beer at party

Friends toasting with beer at party


Certain protocols and standards are inescapably important to make an invite attractive, or rather more inviting. They are:

  • Creative Design – The core task of communicating and providing information is done by the creative design on the invite/card. Ideally, it should be unique and influential to attract eyeballs.
  • Paper Quality – Invitation cards are basically meant for inviting guests/delegates for a special occasion, and hence the quality must be superlative. It must have correct thickness to last and the right dimensions to accommodate the design.
  • Information – Invites and tickets must have all the necessary details of the event. E.g. for a pre-wedding party, Bachelor Tickets must have information on instructions, dress code, and food options etc.

Such party invitation cards also have plenty of branding and promotional messages which must be conveyed in an effective manner. Besides, the usage of tickets is an assurance that the intended message is conveyed to the right individual without giving much choice over.


Stag Party Invites

Stag Party Tickets

Tips on How to Make Amazing Stag and Doe Invitations

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Stag And Doe parties are parties held by an engagement couple to raise money for their wedding. They are also known as a Jack and Jill Invitations. Invitations are made and delivered to attendees who usually purchase them for a particular amount.

People often assume that Stag and Doe Parties are tacky because they are often cheap and do not inspire a party mood.stag-and-doe-party-planning

Here are 5 tips to make your Jack and Jill Invitations the envy of all;

  • Have a classy theme that the Stag and Doe Invitations card conveys. For instance, for a masquerade ball let your card have hints of the party by the style of the card.
  • Include theme dresses or colours for the Jack and Jill Invitations to create a fun party. Make it something mysterious or fun that encourages people to let loose and have some fun.
  • We have all heard this ‘to make money you have to spend money’. I know the whole point of a Jack and Jill Invitation is to get money from your attendees but if you can spare bit to create a decent shindig then do it. This will keep the attendees happy and more appreciative.
  • Pick out a nice venue for the party. It should be not too far such that it discourages people from showing up.
  • Sell as many Jack and Jill Invitations as you can. The more you sell the more money have for your wedding.

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