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Must Consider Stag Party Themes

April 17, 2014 Stag Tickets

Whether you are in charge of planning the bachelor party on your own as the best man, or you are considering hiring a stag party services company, selecting the right theme to create a memorable event for the groom will be your decision.

Here are a few fun themes to consider for your best friend’s bachelor party –

  • Golf Theme

This theme is ideal for a group of boys who will enjoy playing a round or two or golf. Plan a trip to one of the many magnificent golf retreats in Canada and make a memorable weekend out of it!

  • Superhero Theme

If the groom and his best buddies are superhero fans, consider transforming this passion into an invincible theme. Plan superhero themed games and hire hostesses dressed in superhero costumes to add to the fervor of the event.

  • Casino Night

If you cannot go to Las Vegas, bring Las Vegas home to you! Plan an elaborate casino night for the boys complete with hostesses manning different tables, cocktails on the house and a whole lot of glamour. Have a great time with your buddies whether or not you win or lose at the tables.

Depending on the personality of the groom and his preferences, you will be able to select a theme that helps create a memorable stag night! 


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