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After Party Buzz : The Hangover Cure

May 24, 2011 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom

The bachelor party was one to chalk up to the history books, truly an epic night to remember.  Unfortunately, no one stops to think about the day after when you’re awoken with the familiar symptoms of the pounding headache, the incoherent communication and the not-too-pretty rumbling of the stomach.  Of course, what I am talking about here is the hang over.  While the movie, The Hangover or The Hangover 2, glamorizes this post-bachelor party adventure that four guys wake up to and embark on the morning after, things aren’t always like that in reality.  Overcoming that groggy feeling after having the time of your life the night before is easier than you think.  Let us provide you with some interesting tips and tricks to help with the healing process.

Rest Up:Hangover Passed Out

 If you were lucky enough to book your weekend off, or attend the bachelor party knowing you didn’t have mandatory obligations to attend the next day, utilize the morning after the party to simply relax.  Unwind through rest, reading or watching television is the best form of relaxation to cure your hang over.  Don’t do any strenuous work and turn off your phone so there are no distractions while you recuperate.  This is a time to reflect on the crazy night you had prior and to relax now that it’s all over… at least until the next weekend party!


 Now once you manage to get yourself out of bed (or wherever you happened to crash last night, even with a pounding headache and blurred vision), you must get some fluid in you.  Don’t always resort to reaching for the Aspirin bottle, although that may seem easiest at the time.  Clear fluids like apple juice, green iced tea and simple water work best to cure a hangover.  Coffee can temporarily work, but opt for de-caffeinated coffee as caffeine can cause another headache later on in the day.  Not to mention, coffee can dehydrate you, which in turn acts the same way alcohol does.  The trick is to keep hydrated because that will keep your body functioning. 

 A Smart Dish:

 Keeping hydrated shouldn’t be the only option you have when curing your hang over.  Eating something wholesome can do the trick as well.  Note: if you have that awful twisting-and-turning feeling in your stomach, you may not be ready to eat just yet because it could aggravate your stomach some more.  But if you feel hungry and you aren’t experiencing that green-in-the-face feeling, then be a man and eat what your heart desires!  I could tell you to chose something healthy and simple like fruit or toast with butter on top but if you’re craving more, that’s your body telling you that it needs replenishment, so follow accordingly!


 After the much-needed rest, food and drink, it’s important to get some of those happy juices flowing again in your brain.  One way to do this is through exercise and plenty of activities.  Go for a walk, head to the gym for an hour, play with your Nintendo Wii or engage in an activity that is not too strenuous and is physically and mentally stimulating.  I hate to suggest this because it’s not favourable for anyone to do, but even household chores can do the trick like raking the leaves, shoveling snow or mowing the lawn.

 Drink and Be Merry:

 Yes, we mean alcohol.  Sometimes, drinking a bit of alcohol can end up being a simple remedy to cure a hang over.  Don’t over do it though, try just a mixed drink or something that can provide a bit of hydration and sugar for energy. 

ATTN:  Excessive drinking is danger and can harm you and those around you.  This information is for entertainment purposes only, drink responsibly.

For more information on “Hangovers” be sure to read up at Wikipedia at

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