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After The Crazy Party: Evidence That Crops Up

September 22, 2011 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom, Unique Party Ideas

Twitter.  Facebook.  Digg. MySpace. Delicious. Tumblr.  I suppose you get it by now: there are a variety of ways to connect with friends and family members online, especially since social media makes it very convenient to do so.  Moreso now with the advent of smart phone applications and public WiFi portals, it is easier than ever to stay plugged in.  And although you had a great time that night at your friend’s bachelor party, you may not want every photo anAfter a crazy party evidenced updated status to give away evidence of a crazy party with strippers, sexy barmaids and drunken sessions.  Some posts may not even be from you.  This blog article is to help you brush up on your knowledge of social media privacy, considering the possible implications social media has on society today.  It is best to conceal any evidence as much as possible and remember: what happens at a bachelor party should stay at a bachelor party.  But just in case it doesn’t, here are some tips in which social media can be a little easy on you and the guys after a crazy night of partying:

 Knowing Who’s Attending The Party

Chances are, you know everyone attending the party and everyone will have a common understanding that posts will be kept to a minimum.  This way, none of your buddies won’t post “evidence,” incriminating any of you – that breaks a guy code, too.  But if there are a few people attending that you’re not too chummy with, you may want to have that little disclosure chat with them, and remind them that this is a once in a lifetime party, meant to not humiliate anyone, especially not the groom-to-be.  Chances are, they will understand because anyone who attends a bachelor party, are there to support the groom.  Furthermore, the bride wouldn’t appreciate the drunken photos of her soon-to-be spouse and his friends.  All-and-all: do your best to keep scandalous party photos offline.

 Out of Your Control?

Photos can turn up online on a club’s or event promoter’s website so be weary if a photographer is nearby to take some photos of you and your crowd.  You can always ask him or her not to post the photos on their website, or ask if it is on a secure site where only those with a username and password can access it.  After all, you wouldn’t want the wrong person to come across those photos, like your boss. 

Social Network Updates – Status Changes

It may be fun to change your status to: “Last night was awesome at Muzik Night Club for Jon’s bachelor party.” However, that may cause friends on your list to become curious and check out the club’s website for photos, look for photos on your friend’s pages or try to find info from the Facebook event page (another reason why buying physical tickets work – there is no online evidence).  It is best to ensure your status on Twitter and Facebook is simple, so coworkers, friends, ex-girlfriends or family members won’t try to search for the “evidence.”  You can simply state that you enjoyed yourself that night and glad you hung out with the guys.  Keep it simple.  If not for yourself, do it for the poor groom-to-be who will wake up with a massive hangover and blurred memories of the night before.  If you had a great time and want to share it with friends, do so in person as face-to-face conversations can’t be stored, downloaded or saved! 

 Profile Settings

Ensure you have a high degree of privacy when it comes to your online profiles.  If you have coworkers and business partners on your list or younger family members, it may be best to restrain their ability to view your photo albums or tagged photos and updated statuses using controlled privacy settings.  It is always good to take necessary precautions so you can keep your online reputation professional and sincere.  Think of what that pretty girl you met last night will think about you when she adds you and sees your angelic profile…

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