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Alternative Bachelor Party Ideas

February 10, 2010 Bachelor Party, Unique Party Ideas

What’s the Big Idea?

 No need to be scratching your head for ideas any longer as we’ve come up with some fantastic themes to turn your friend’s Bachelor party into one to be talked about for years to come! Before we begin, you must ensure you run all ideas past the main guy – from venue locations to the type of party (you wouldn’t want to do something overly extravagant if the Groom-to-be is only looking to hang out with a few friends over drinks and card games). Everything must be in consideration prior to orchestrating the main event!


The following list contains a range of thematic party ideas that should put a smile on any guy’s face, no matter what he’s into for his Bachelor party:


Boys’ Night In:guys-at-home-playing-poker

Your buddy is the quiet type who enjoys lounging with a few close friends. His home can very much well be the ideal arrangement as opposed to a venue. You save costs and time searching for a suitable place! However, if you still want the Groom-to-be to enjoy a night of singleton, having it at a local pub or small bar can work as well; the key is to invite a maximum of about five-to-ten of his closest friends. If you do chose to have it at a remote location like the home, you may want to consider catering – saves you and the Groom time to prepare food and as a result you and your buddies have more time to catch up and hang out. It may come across to some (especially to the outgoing one in the group) as not-your-typical Bachelor’s party. Don’t worry! There can still be a range of fun events and activities that you can host such as ‘remember-when’ games; highlighting some of the most favorable moments between the Groom and his buddies. Simple things can become a big hit! You never know, someone could share a story or two you never heard before about the Groom!


Hockey Night In Canada:

hockey-game-fansThe Groom-To-Be is a self-proclaimed alpha-male and enjoys wings, women and sports! Easy! Take him to a sports bar or stadium to see his favorite team play (please ensure his favorite team is playing, of course!). Even if it’s just wings and beer, the beauty about a Bachelor party like this is anything goes! Attire doesn’t have to be formal and finger foods like wings or fries are definitely acceptable. Another great idea is to have your friends arrive wearing team jerseys! You may want to indicate on the invites that this will be a non-formal dinner get together and highlight specifically if you want your buddies to wear jerseys or bring sports team flags/accessories. You want your buddy and his boys to be relaxed and just enjoy a great night out watching their favorite sports team play.


Night Club (there are variations, of course!):

Not just for bachelorette parties (although you may want to confirm with the Bride when she’ll be having hers!). A clubbing night is a great and inexpensive way to take your buddy out to celebrate! Nothing like going downtown and sharing in good company, great music and beautiful women! Most clubs are open between Fridays to Sundays so doing a weekend party may get many of your friends attending as they will less likely have work obligations. Furthermore, you can look into getting a hotel room as a great post-party get together (ensure an after-party mention is indicated on the ticket as well as hotel prices!). As mentioned in a previous post, please stock the fridge or mini-bar of your hotel room with liquor!   

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