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Bachelor Party Fit For a Nerd

January 13, 2012 Bachelor Party

Does he spend his late nights mostly alone in his basement on some sort of gaming console? Does he often use the words “noob” to describe someone who performs poorly in a game?  Does the term “shopping” to him mean lining up in front of Best Buy at 12 a.m. waiting for the release of a brand new videogame? Does he spend most of his spare time nerds partying at bachelor partyon gamers’ message boards and other online gaming chat lines?  If any of the above describes your best friend then he is most likely a nerd.  If your nerdy friend happens to also be getting married, then he is most likely going to want a bachelor party that suits his nerdy tastes.  If you’re not sure how to organize a nerdy bachelor party because you may not be a nerd yourself, we’ve got some great ideas outlined below – non-nerdy friends will approve too!

 Laser Tag/Paintball

Make your nerdy friend feel like he’s in a videogame with an epic game of laser tag.  Check out Rinx Toronto and feast your eyes on its 3,300 square foot environment complete with lights and special effects to heighten your experience.  Create two teams out of your group of friends and map out a plan of attack towards the opposing team.  It has the “nerd factor” for its use of mental strategy like a video game, laser guns and a unique maze-like structure.  Similarly to laser tag is the game of shooting your opponents with a paintball gun. Check out Defcon Paintball or Eastie Boyz Paintball in Toronto.  Unlike laser tag, paintballing can cause physical harm.  It is advised that you take every precaution possible, ensure protective masks are on at all times and be aware of the minimum distance shooting range rules between yourself and your opponent.  However, like Call of Duty, paintballing can be a lot of fun – with fresh sand and the backdrop of a jungle-like terrain.

 Arcade Game Night

 A nerdy night can include your childhood favourites; pinball, ski ball, shuffleboard, videogames and 80’s arcade games like Pac-Man.  Dave and Buster’s and Playdium are notorious for hosting such elaborate gaming centres.  You and your buddies can spend hours enjoying the gaming and entertainment fun; collect tokens from the videogames you do well in, pick out a teddy bear prize for your patient girlfriend waiting at home and then wind down and enjoy some delicacies and at the venue’s restaurant. 

 Go Karting

Think Mario Kart and other classic, often goofy, racing videogames.  This is definitely a nerd haven!  It’ll be great going through the rounds on the winding track and passing each checkpoint and you will be connecting with your inner child.  Sorry there are no shells, bananas or other power-ups to throw your friends’ karts off the track.

 Simply Videogames

 He’s only into his joystick and console? He won’t come out of his shell and do some of the crazy things they do at bachelor parties?  You’re on a budget? Host a Guitar Hero Party, have your friends come dressed as their favourite rock star and rock out to some familiar tunes.  Set up a cooler of beer surrounded by ice cubes and put out snack food like nachos and dip on a table. Being a nerd is not always about videogames either – set up some board game stations with Chess, Checkers, Risk, and whatever board game happens to be at his place.

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