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Bachelor Party Guide to New York City (Manhattan)

May 9, 2011 Bachelor Party, The Groom, Unique Party Ideas

“Take a Bite Into The Big Apple”New York City Statue of Liberty

 We know you thought about it.  Having your friend’s bachelor party somewhere other than near home.  And of course, you want to have this extravagant event somewhere you can have an amazing time.  It’s no secret that New York City is quite the happening place next to Las Vegas.  Take a “bite” into absolutely everything The Big Apple has to offer.  As you may know NYC is a city notoriously known for its glamour, high-class status and over-the-top entertainment.  There is plenty to eat, drink and be merry in New York and definitely an experience worth taking.  Here’s just a few: 

Bachelor Party Strippers

Take them with you anywhere.  You can purchase one of several packages Bachelor Party Strips has to offer and the ladies can be invited back to the hotel where you and the guys are staying.  This is sure to be one unforgettable night with entertainment tailored to your liking.  Be sure not to bring a camera so that evidence of the few beautiful girls who came to your hotel room. Check out for more info.

A Ball Game

Whether you’re a Yankees fan or MetYankee Stadium Baseballs fan, or neither and interested enough to see either of New York’s rival teams play; seeing a baseball game is the perfect day trip for you and the guys.  Snack on delicious hot dogs and down multiple cups of beer while you enjoy time with each other for a good sporting event. It is activities like this that really entertain you while you’re not at the local pub and aren’t too enthusiastic about visiting New York’s many shopping areas.  Seeing a baseball game does not have to be the only sports game you go to see.  Depending on the season, check out a New York Rangers playoff, see multiple touchdowns by the Giants or witness some infamous dribbles done by the Knicks.  You really can’t go wrong visiting a sports stadium followed by a celebratory after party at a local pub!

Times Square

You may not entirely be interested in visiting major shopping districts or seeing stylish apparel when you’re out with the guys; however, Times Square, while known for its fashion-forward shops, also exhibits a variety of exciting entertainment and activities that are planned for both the daytime and evenings.  From bars to comedy shows to top-notch restaurants, and yes, even shopping if you will, Times Square has it all.  You might want to stay in the heart of Times Square by checking into a nearby hotel like the Marriott or the Crowne Plaza hotel.  There are some interesting attractions on Times Square like the Madame Tussauds wax museum among others.  Be sure to visit ABC studios, Rockefeller Centre and the Hard Rock Café among many of the street entertainers that showcase their talents!  At night, Times Square closes its main streets and you’re free to roam around and check out last minute festivities. 

 Other Attractions

Whether or not you have that song stuck in your head, “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys; the Empire State Building should be among the “top five” on your list of things to see in NYC.  If you’re a nerd at heart (other than with your prized possession: video games) check out the American Museum of Natural History and get your fill on historic artifacts and information.  Ever wonder if your family has historical roots in New York?  Visit Ellis Island with the same ferry boat that goes to Liberty Island and check out the immigration museum and look up your last name to see if previous generations in your family have ever immigrated there.  This lookup system allows you to see how old they were upon immigration, how much money they had with them at the time and their origins. Among those listed above, check out Grand Central Station and Central Park as some must-see landmarks.


While every night you will be partying it up in every known pub or nightclub, it might be fitting to plan out trips that are in close vicinity to one another.  If you’re staying in New York City for a week, it might be a good idea to get the weekly subway Metro pass.  It’s just under $30 for one adult and the subway system – if you plan your trips accordingly with a map of the city – stops at every major intersection and you’re bound to run into some great attractions.  Your $30 takes you a long way without having to worry about taking many taxis.

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