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Stag Party Tickets

Bachelor Party Ideas

November 12, 2009 Bachelor Party

Your the best man and it is your responsibility to throw the groom a party he will never forget!  Your scrambling for ideas and suggestions, not to worry, we’re here to help.  Below you will find a few ideas to put you in the right direction and to ensure your groomsmen one night he wont forget.  A s the best man, there is one important rule to consider before any party planning, forget about what you really want to do, its all about the groom!

Exotic dancers, Escorts and Strip Nightclubsstripper
Usually, there is one guy in the bunch who will insist that a stag party isn’t a stag party, unless theres strippers.  Ultimately, the decision is best left to the groom – after all, he’s the one getting married and has to face the bride-to-be!  If he chooses not to have exotic dancers, don’t force the subject or the idea onto him.  There’s no worse feeling being somewhere you really dont want to be at.

If the groom does want peelers, then you are faced with the decision of having strippers come to you, or to go out to a strip bar. On the one hand, you’ll get more undivided attention, and less overhead costs. Alternately, a strip joint will ensure that you won’t have to wait around for the strippers and you’ll get the camaraderie and energy of a club setting. And, since it is public, it may be easier to convince the bride-to-be that nothing bad will happen. (Make sure to remember to bring a bunch of singles, your friends will thank you later!)

I also advise that you do a mix of activities – perhaps dinner, pub crawl, bar hopping or a poker party followed by going to a strip club. This way, any guys who aren’t as comfortable can still participate in the bachelor party, and go home before the peelers get involved.


Bachelor party get together for a pickup game

Pickup game of football with friends

A Bachelor Party for the Sports Lover

Sports will always be a great male-bonding activity. Why not organize a tournament? Everyone could get some cheap tshirts printed up with  a funny saying or logo on it, “STEVE IS ON HIS LAST DOWN”. or purchase trophy for all participants and have the grooms name on them with a saying “Steve’s Bachelor Party Tournament of Champions”.  At the end of the game, no tournament would be complete without a thirst quenching party.  We’ve noted some good organized sports that are ideal  for bachelor parties:

* Basketball
* Baseball
* Football
* Soccer
* Golf

If the groom and his friends aren’t so athletic, you can also organize tickets for a sporting event and head out to see that big game.  Make it more fun by tailgating, organizing a post-game pub crawl or getting the stadium to put the groom’s name up on the scoreboard.

Outdoorsman Bachelor Party

Camping Getaway with the boys.

Camping Getaway with the boys.

Picture it, your in the woods with your boys, boozing lots of beer and trying to endure the elements of the outdoors and survive some potentially death defying feets.

The groom will thank you for creative day, as well, your guests will all b thrilled that you came up with a wonderful outdoor alternative. Try one of these outdoor adventures and i’ll assure you it will be a hit: camping, climbing and hiking, whitewater rafting, ATV riding, wakeboarding, paintball, dirt biking, parasailing, skydiving, go-karting, hang gliding, bungeejumping, skiing, snowboarding, hunting and fishing. At the end of a eventful day, don’t forget to sit around the bonfire and share embarrassing stories about the groom’s ex-girlfriends and college adventures.

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