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Bachelor Party Related Movies, It’s A Guy Thing

February 18, 2010 Bachelor Party

Looking for some time to wind down after a bachelor party? Need a great movie to rent with the boys while enjoying beer-and-poker night? Want to help the groom get over pre-wedding jitters with some laughs?  Let us help you relax and reminisce with our Top 5 Bachelor Party movies.  Look no further as we’ve come up with some of the funniest Bachelor movies that have been released within the past decade! That’s right – from the year 2000 to 2010, this list consists of five movies that had you and your friends laughing …and quite possibly taking notes on what-not to do when planning the next bachelor party among your group of friends. Cheers!

1)     The Hangover (2009)

After a group of friends booked a luxury suite in Sin City for their friend’s Bachelor party hoping to have a night they’ll never forget, they wake up the next morning only wishing they could remember as a series of interesting finds such as a tiger and crying baby (just to name a few!) have somehow wound up in their hotel room. The real adventure ensues when they attempt to put together the pieces of the puzzle with the little memory they have.    movie info

2)     Bachelor Party Vegas (2006)

As a popular choice for Bachelor party destinations, four guys take their best friend, Nathan, to Vegas to enjoy one last night as a single man.  Combined with Vegas cliché’s of lights, limos and casinos, the movie is then followed by the group setting off a domino effect of events that go from bad to worst—when they wind up in jail! This is one comedy that will show you just what not to do when planning your friends Bachelor party in the city that never sleeps.    movie info

3)     A Guy Thing (2003)

A week before his wedding, Paul is taken out by his buddies to enjoy a night of singleton and forget about the stressors of planning his wedding till he wakes up the morning after the party only to find a woman named Becky in his bed.  Trying to forget about the new stressor in his life – the possibility of having cheated on his fiancé – he forgets all about this woman until he meets his fiancé’s family and low-and-behold the woman he woke up to the morning after his bachelor party turns out to be his fiancé’s cousin!    movie info

4)     American Wedding (American Pie 3) (2003)

As the third installment of the American Pie movie franchise, Jim is finally going to marry the woman he’s been in love with since high school.  His friend Steve Stifler, who happens to not be the smartest fellow in Jim’s group of friends, plans a surprise bachelor party at Jim’s house while Jim unknowingly plans a special pre-wedding dinner for his fiancé’s family the same night!   movie info

5)     The Wedding Crashers (2005)

While this is not a movie about a crazy bachelor party, it is a comedy portraying two bachelors who crash weddings picking up women and preying on their weakness for romance as love circulates the air of each wedding. However, at one particular wedding, one of the womanizers, John, falls in love with a woman he meets and wants more than just to simply seduce her …only to find out she’s interested in someone else. John soon realizes a powerful lesson in love and relationships and, of course, what it’s like to fall for someone who is out of his reach this time.    movie info

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