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Commemorating The Amazing Night

October 10, 2012 Bachelor Party, Best Man

It is currently the morning after the bachelor party.  You’ve just woken up to the familiar symptoms of light sensitivity, extreme thirst and a pounding headache.  And you know you’re not prone to migraines so you quiCommemorating the bachelor partyckly realize that you are experiencing the symptoms of a hangover from a night well spent.  You partied hard on the dance floor, you flirted with beautiful women and you drank expensive alcohol with all of your best friends.  While you had this amazing time at your buddy’s bachelor party last night, what have you to show for it today?  What evidence of your great party (and awesome party planning skills) do you have to brag about to your friends and colleagues who couldn’t attend?  Here are some ways you can be sure the memories of an amazing night stay with you for a long time:

Social Media Diaries

You can create a private blog with information on what’s planned for the upcoming bachelor party before it happens. You can also create a group on Facebook for attendees prior to the party so that updated information is shared as it comes.  Always ensure your attendees have official, printed invites, of course – An online group or forum only allows for interesting discussions as you plan the event and this alone can make for great memories later on.  Nothing beats having unlimited data storage – all of your ideas and shared thoughts can be saved for as long as you want without having to use space on your computer’s hard drive (or create evidence lying around for your girlfriend to see).  Depending on your privacy features or who you allow to view your online documentations (this is where the girlfriend stuff comes in), you can host on an open forum safely; share ideas, discuss related topics and see what your friends suggest.

Automatic Upload – By Everyone

There are apps out there that are free to download onto smart phones where you and your friends can upload photos instantly to one central online album.  Similar to the way the “Wedding Party App” works, the host of the event would create a username, share it with guests, and later inform attendees to download the app to take photos with.  All photos taken with the app are then instantly added to the photo album.

Assigning A Designated Driver

If one of the guys doesn’t mind driving the crew around for a night out, they will be the ones with the most stories to tell.  Since you and the other guys will most likely be waking up with fuzzy memories of the previous night, the D.D. will be able to recall just about anything and will enjoy telling you and your friends of the hilarious situations you all got yourselves into.  The sober one may take many photos with his phone …for extra evidence.

Hire A Photographer

You don’t want to have the burden of reminding yourself to take photos at every moment.  You want to live it up and enjoy each moment, as everyone else does in your party.  It may be helpful to enlist the services of a professional photographer to capture every moment, in “high-def.”  Photos can later be placed into an album for you and your buddies to relive many memories of the groom’s last night of fun as a single guy …forever.

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