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Destination Bachelor Party: Mexico

July 9, 2012 Bachelor Party, Best Man, Unique Party Ideas

Destination Bachelor Party: Mexico

The weather is guaranteed to be hot all year-round.  Imagine staying in an all-inclusive resort drinking and partying literally every day and night.  This, my friends, is the Mexican bachelor party.  It can be held any timeBachelor Party Mexico Mariachi of the year and Mexico is renowned for its beautiful beaches throughout places like Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco and Cancun.  Let’s not forget Mexico if notoriously known for hosting many all-inclusive resorts, which also feature various “Happy Hour” events and midnight buffets.  It’s a man’s heaven indeed.  Here are a few other reasons why heading to Mexico will satisfy your bachelor party’s needs.

The Party Never Stops

From foam parties to regular barhopping excursions along the many bars that line the nightlife strips, the party never ends in Mexico.  You and your friends can party till the sun comes up with pretty women all around and a unique clubbing experience that’ll have your friends back home feeling jealous. Actually, you can enjoy drinking even during the daytime at your hotel’s “Happy Hour” event, which usually occurs daily.  Don’t forget to check out some of Mexico’s signature party places such as Senior Frogs.  Of course, Mexico’s summer season is year-round, so if you’re looking to book your buddy’s bachelor party in December, you won’t have to worry about slippery or freezing weather conditions.  What’s good about being able to vacation in the heat is that the dress code in Mexican bars and restaurants are typically relaxed.  It is actually very possible to wear what you wore all day at the pool or the beach to the club at night.  That is, if your garments are not drenched!

The All-Inclusive Resort

This is the best part of your stay in Mexico.  This is the type of accommodation you and your buddies must look into as all your meals and drinks will be included in an all-inclusive resort.  No more wondering around looking for a restaurant to eat at, or heading to the local McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich.  Here, you can feast any time of the day and it is entirely complementary, care of the hotel.  Speak with your travel agent about all-inclusive resort hotels and be sure to check that the hotel you are booking has a “Happy Hour” pool bar.  It’ll be well worth your investment!

Check Out Some Of The Coolest Activities

Aquatic activities are endless here in Mexico.  You and your buddies can go scuba diving, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, enjoy one of Mexico’s signature booze cruises and so much more.  Of course, if after the first few days you guys become tired of aquatic adventures, Mexico is known for its many golf courses overlooking the Caribbean sea as well as its ancient ruins such as Cancun’s Chichen Itza – categorized as one of the seven world wonders and brimming with history from the ancient Mayan Empire.

Mexico’s Unique Lifestyle

Experience a lifestyle like no other.  No doubt partying is among one of the must-do activities in Mexico, and let’s not forget about Mexican food choices, which are always full of colour and flavour.  However, far beyond what we see in travel guides and magazines, Mexico is full of history and tradition.  You and your friends might want to book one of Mexico’s many tours (depending on the city you’re staying at) and learn about what makes Mexico so rich in its tradition!

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