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How To Choose The Right Venue for your Party

June 29, 2010 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom

Picking the venue isn’t as easy as it may seem.  There are a variety of factors to consider such as the tone of the event, the atmosphere you want to create and of course the costs of what your guests can or cannot afford.  Last thing you want to do is hold the bachelor party at an event where the guests do not have the financial means to attend.  Selecting the venue should not only be in the best interest of the groom – although that plays a big role in the selection process – but it’s also in the best interest of your guests.  Having said that, the suggestions below should ease the decision process quite significantly.

Think Of The Groom:

            First and foremost think about the places, activities and restaurants the groom likes.  His preference should be your top priority and therefore he should have a say in the event so you eliminate trying to figure it out on your own.  Remember; this event is all about him, so allow him to be part of something he enjoys most and has a personal interest in.

Location is Key:

            From guests, to entertainers to limo pick-ups and possibly after parties, the location should be central or within a short driving distance for everyone.  You may want to include maps with the invites. Ensure the caterers will arrive on time so that you’re not stuck with cold food if they have to search for your venue.  If you’re going to host an after party, stick with a venue that’s close by so guests do not have to search the city for the next place or worse, back out last minute realizing the second venue is too far.

The Budgets of the Guests:

            As mentioned, you wouldn’t want to be planning an extravagant event causing your guests to decline because they cannot afford some of the events’ amenities.  The guests are an important factor since they ultimately have to pitch in money to assist with the event and for the groom’s new life once he’s a newlywed. In some cases – if the event is held at a restaurant/bar – guests have to buy for their own food and drinks in addition.  Therefore, the night could become pricey for some guests so please chose a fair price range that satisfies all.

Parking Restrictions:

            It goes without saying that you need to have a rough idea on the amount of guests expected to attend that night. However, you need to factor in parking lot restrictions and limitations as well.  Ensure there is enough space for your buddies to park at the venue and check if there are nearby parking lots that charge a small fee to park for a certain time should the venue’s lot get full.

V.I.P Status:

            When you book the venue, ensure you and your buddies are in a sectioned-off room or space specifically reserved for your party.  Should the party get rowdy or contain adult content (which is a very good possibility!), you need to make sure that what happens at your party, stays at your party.  Meaning, if it’s in a public space, you wouldn’t want to offend other people nearby.  Furthermore, it’s the groom’s night out with the guys; he should freely get drunk, wild and have the best night ever knowing he’s among good company.


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