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Karaoke Bars : Alternative Ideas for a Bachelor Party

October 5, 2011 Bachelor Party, Unique Party Ideas

Exercise Your Vocal Chords Before Attending!

 The lights begin to dim.  Your favourite tune begins to play as you and your five buddies are called up to the stage by the disk jockey to sing, “The Final Countdown” by the 80’s Sweedish Guys Singing at Karaoke Barsinging sensation, Europe.  Just as you and your friends anxiously wait for the lyrics to pop up on the teleprompter in front of you, a waitress gives you all a shot of vodka each in an attempt to provide you with one final dose of “liquid bravery” before you begin belting out the world-wide hit.  What I am talking about here is holding a karaoke night for your best friend’s bachelor or bachelorette party.  It’s a fairly inexpensive idea and many bars offer either a public karaoke experience or a private karaoke room for your party.  Below are some other reasons why a karaoke party can be a big “hit” for your bachelor or bachelorette party.  So clear your throat, drink your final sip and sing the night away.

 It’s A New Kind of Party

Increasing in popularity are the private karaoke rooms for you and your friends.  What first began in several Asian countries is now blossoming in the downtown core of Toronto (, which offer private karaoke rooms just for you and your friends, that would be booked in advance.  Each private karaoke room includes a waitress who serves the bar food and drinks of your choice, a high quality music system with mics and of course, a book with song selections. This isn’t your typical karaoke bar where you and your friends would normally be singing in a crowded room, mostly full of the general public, and long waiting periods before you each get to sing your chosen song.  Let’s not forget how long it would take to get the drinks you ordered as well – another reason why the private karaoke rooms work best.  An even greater reason the private karaoke party works: envision you and a bunch of your friends singing among the comfort of those you know around you, especially for the shy ones in your group.  There is no need to worry about being heckled either, unless it’s the playful teasing of your friends.

 Getting Closer to Everyone You Know

Thought you knew your best friend of 22 years? I bet you didn’t know that he had an outstanding Frank Sinatra-like voice!  From song selections (like the song that reminds your buddy of the girl he lost and is still in love with), to the tone of every person’s singing range, you get to become just a little bit closer to your pals.  Of course, after much alcohol consumption everyone just sounds down right hilarious by the end of the night, again, bringing you all closer together through music. 


After the Party Stories

Everyone wants to look and be like a rock star.  Everyone wants to have that one photo of themselves rocking out in front of a mic to a cheering crowd.  Well, how awesome would a photo like that be as your main online profile pic?  Or better, a printed out photo of the groom singing his favourite song as a gift or keepsake to your friends, a few days after the event, to thank them for attending.  Now I know in an earlier post I mentioned that it is important to be careful of what you post online, but there shouldn’t be anything wrong with photos of you or your buddies rocking out to your favourite song.  Of course, an event like this would make for some great stories about who had the best voice, who was the most obnoxious, most drunk and so on.  It would definitely make for a memorable evening!


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