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Let The Games Begin: Bachelor Party Games

May 3, 2010 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom

You sent out your snazzy invitations and the party is on its way! But you’re wondering how you are going to keep all the guys entertained. Don’t worry, the following games listed here are easy to organize and fun for all – so easy, you can host one right in your basement with a few cases of

Beer Pong

beer! Don’t forget to place sheets with scoreboards and/or tournament brackets around so guests can jot their names down as they participate in each activity. Finally, there should always be a raffle draw at every bachelor party, so round up some gift baskets and numbered tickets. Remember, this event is to raise money for the groom and his wedding – each game should encourage monetary donations by guests in order to participate.

Poker Night:

A poker night with the guys is a great way to catch up and bond with old friends. Not only that, but also this is a simple party game that doesn’t require much thought and poker chips can be purchased in bulk at virtually any party store. You can hold many tournaments throughout the night on several tables with different groups of people. Take it a step further and turn your area into a mini casino complete with different card games at each table so that you will keep guests betting in many areas, as there is much variety.

Basket Ball 3-point Games:

You don’t need to have a basketball court to play this game; really, all you need are a few mini basketball nets (which you can get at any toy store or party store) and a corresponding ball with each. Don’t forget to mark the floor with masking tape indicating where the shootouts will be shot from and please ensure wherever the basketball hoops are hung, there aren’t any furniture or obstacles nearby!

Nintendo Wii Sports Tournament:

Don’t deny it, you are a gamer! If not, then you know of at least one guy in your group of friends who has probably every game console known to man. As a suggestion, Nintendo Wii Sports is a great game to get everyone actively participating in. From Wii Tennis to Wii Bowling and everything in between, the possibilities for tournaments are endless. Award prizes for the top bowler (or tennis champion, or…?). Host an Olympic-style ceremony at the end of the night awarding the winners with metals and trophies.

Beer Pong:

Remember the good ol’ college days? Well if a bachelor party is to celebrate the groom’s final days as a young single guy, then connecting with your inner college student should be pretty sa-weet! Although college may not have been that long ago for most, the reality is that now one of you is getting married and what a better way to celebrate the groom’s prime years but with a game you all enjoyed playing while in your post-secondary life. All you need is a table and your favourite drink! Try adding in some gaming “stations” with table games (ie: table soccer) and arcade games.


Have your friends place bets on a sheet of paper for how much money they would spend to throw a pie in the groom’s face. Starting rate could be at $0.01 and each person would write his name next to a betting amount. End of the night, the person with the highest bet throws the pie. Take out your cameras for this one…

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