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Playing it Safe: Guys Night Out

September 3, 2011 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom

Once everything’s planned out, there’s no telling how an evening with drinks, clubs and dancing women will turn out.  Of course, the groom-to-be is going to have the best night of his life – no doubt you’re going to make absolute sure of that as the bachelor party organizer.  However, there are some issues to consider that my happen unexpectedly.  These are the issues that could be the “elephant in the room,” or in other words, the concerns no one would dare talk about because it is often a touchy discussion.  Remember: The bachelor party should be full of good memories and you as the planner need to think ahead to allow everything to run smoothly.  Here are some ways in which the groom can have an amazing time, without causing any worry to his buddies. 

 Have Everyone’s Number Handy

 Of course, you wouldn’t think about having the groom’s little brother’s number handy because he was never really in your circle of friends.  However, if he is aware of the stag and invited, it’s important to have his number and anyone else who is attending.  Now I just used his little brother as an example, but the core idea is to ensure you have everyone’s number handy – even those you hardly know who are also going to be attending that night.  Should any unexpected problem or emergency arise, you would need to get a hold of everyone immediately.

 Meet Up Spot

Now I know you’re not a five-year-old anymore and hopefully do not require a “safe spot” toTaxi Cab Safe Way To Party meet up with your mom when you get lost in a mall. However, jokes aside, there should be a designated area for you and your buddies to meet up in case you all separate during the party.  At a club, some of your buddies will be meeting and talking to women, while others will be getting drinks for everyone else in your party and you may not be together at all times.  While having a VIP area is a great idea to more or less keep everyone together, ensure that there is a time and an additional meeting place as well, especially if you’ve arranged for a limo to pick everyone up or even just to allow guests to give a congratulatory farewell to the groom-to-be before going home.

 A Way Home

 Be it a hotel, a limo or a taxi, make sure all your friends are taken care of if they plan on drinking and partying very hard.  The groom will have an amazing time, but a party is composed of many people and when it comes to safety, you as the planner need to ensure everyone is looked after.  If some of the friends in your group do not know how they’re getting home and tell you they will “figure it out once the night is over” then it’s time to take some extra precautions – just in case.  Furthermore, even if you have a limo and there seems to be a set number of people traveling together to-and-from, you need to account for the few “last minute” friends who plan on showing up at the venue later on in the night and may not fit the maximum capacity of passengers for your limo going home.  This is especially true if they get really drunk and are unable to drive.  Earlier in the evening, it would be wise to add the phone number of a taxi service company to your cell phone.  This way, if anyone needs a taxi, you can call a cab for him immediately.  It could come in handy should any of your buddies be too drunk to go home “their own way.”  It’s better to be safe than sorry and being prepared could save a life.

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