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The Gambling Bachelor Party: Casino, Betting, The Track.

December 6, 2011 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom, Unique Party Ideas

 Many of you are thinking: “What’s a bachelor party without alcohol, my best buds and sexy strippers dancing around us?”  While that question does make sense to the majority of the male population, trying something different like a casino night (even if you plan it prior to attending a strip club) can be quite entertaining.  With rows upon rows of slot machines, tables with card games, Roulette and Black Jack, the casino is a modern-day playground for adults.  However, gambling doesn’t end at the casino.  Visit Woodbine Race Track and bet on the best breeds and see if you’re lucky enough to score some extra coin off a winning horse.  Of course, there are many ways to bet on the horse races – daily double, pick 3, and so on.  Plus most facilities will provide you with instruction sheets if you’re new to betting.  What’s even better about these places is that your friends can kick back, socialize amongst each other and grab some food as well.  Here are some suggested gambling endeavors:

 The Casino

 The casino is without a doubt the place where adults come to play at all hours of the day up until the wee hours of the morning.  This is undoubtedly one of the places where you and your friends can spend hours in!  Who knows? One of you may even walk out of there a millionaire.  But unrealistic expectations aside, you and your buddies can spend time gambling and eventually dine at one of the casino’s restaurants followed by seeing a live show.  Transportation is usually the easiest to arrange when going to a casino.  If you and your buddies are looking to go to Casino Rama, for instance, their website brings up a list of coach bus services traveling there.  On the drop-down menu, select the city you’re coming from and the website will then pull up a list of pick-up dates, places and times, making your casino arrangements that much easier and no one has to volunteer to drive. Too drunk to get home at the end of a gambling night? Most casinos come equipped with hotel packages and continental breakfast to chase your hangover away the next day. 

 Horse Racing

 Betting on slim odds are not always a favourite, however, it can quickly become an addiction once you get a feel for the stronger breed, or winning horses.  Start off by betting something small.  Woodbine racetracks allow a person to bet an amount as little as $2.  From there you increase your betting amount as you begin to get comfortable with your bets and betting styles.  Check out Wegz Stadium Bar as well for off-track betting and high quality televisions to view sports games on (for those in your group not looking to gamble).  Wegz also has designated areas for group events complete with golf simulators, arcade games and lounge areas that you and your friends can book for a bachelor party. 

 Betting on your Favourite Hockey Team

 If you’re looking for something simple but not too standardized like your regular boys’ night in playing poker, check out a live Leafs game (or hockey team of your choice) and agree to bet on the odds your favourite team will win.  This puts an exciting gambling ‘twist’ to viewing a sports game and for the gambling amateurs out there, it will make watching the game that much more exciting.  You can make things interesting by arranging to take a shot every time your favourite team scores a goal? Or you can buy the groom a beer when the opposing team scores? – Create the bets as the game continues for added excitement.

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