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The Mobile Party : Party Boats (aka. Booze Cruises)

August 10, 2011 Bachelor Party, The Groom, Unique Party Ideas

It’s the mobile party that goes anywhere you go.  This party is sure to last every day and night.  Imagine a party that never stops and all of your best buddies are along for the ride.  This, my friend, is of none other than the houseboat party.  Don’t limit the houseboat party to just a friend’s bachelor party either.  This can be a great relaxing getaway with the guys several days beBooze Cruisefore the wedding.  In a time where we are under the restraints of technology and on a constant schedule, it’s nice to just lay back, relax and escape the demands of today.  Let’s bring back the fundamental elements of bringing together a few good friends, with a relaxing boat ride.

 Below are a few reasons why a houseboat works and a few tips to consider when booking your rental boat:

 The Never-ending Party

It is pretty straight forward, this party is never going to end unless you end it …or if you no longer want to pay extra rental time fees!  Stock the fridge and cooler with plenty of drinks – both alcoholic and non – assuming you’ll be in the heat and that can lead to much dehydration.  Be mindful of other cottages and boats nearby when playing loud music as this may disrupt others, but encourage a friend to bring an iHome to play all your favourite tunes.  Bring a lot of snacks, card games and electronics as these can keep your entertainment flowing, even during down time.  As an added bonus, who doesn’t appreciate the advantages of that cottage living, while exploring the great outdoors?

 The More, The Merrier

The cost of the rental boat can be very inexpensive if you have a lot of people coming with you.  This works two-fold because everyone can bring their own food and drinks as well so your ‘crew’ won’t have to worry about going hungry.  Just make sure you bring enough airbeds and nominate a few exceptional individuals to earn the bedroom(s).

 The Capitan and Crew

You must appoint one person to be the captain of the boat.  This person does not need to have a boat license, however, he is required to take a quick lesson around the time you choose to book your rental boat.  The ‘captain’ would also be required to drink very minimal alcohol, unless you intend on parking at a boat dock for an evening or so.  Furthermore, you need to appoint a few strong men in your ‘crew’ to assist with the anchoring and various tasks for the boat’s operation.  Ensure you know where all lifejackets are and keep emergency contacts close on hand.

 All Aboard

Once you’re all aboard and settled into your boat, there are a variety of activities to do.  Other than the usual playing card games and enjoying cold beverages, you and your friends can make a BBQ on the boat or you can stop off in different areas from time to time and explore new grounds and sceneries.  Think of the boat like a moving, mobile cottage: you guys are able to experience a true adventure, while bringing your ‘home’ with you.  You may be with your houseboat for up to seven days, so it is important make good use of your time spent on this escape.

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