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The Multi-Destination Bachelor Party

December 21, 2011 Bachelor Party, Best Man, Unique Party Ideas

This is the bachelor party that never ends.  Let’s be honest – do you want your buddy’s amazing bachelorThe Multi-Destination Bachelor Party party to end early? Not really.  The party should go on for as long as possible. But of course, that doesn’t mean staying at the same dull venue all night long either.  You want to make sure that it’s not only a night to never forget, but a night that is constantly evolving and keeping all your friends enjoying themselves and well-entertained.  This is also known as the multi-destination bachelor party.  This is a night jam-packed with exciting places to see and activities to do.  No idea where to start? Have no fear; we’ve got your itinerary below.

  First: Sports Game

 This can start as early as right after work on a Friday evening – literally at 5:30pm!  Starting the night off helps you plan a little better for the upcoming events ahead, too.  It gets the group ready for a full night of partying and everyone likes to get their party started as soon as they finish work!  That aside, check out a sports game at a nearby stadium or bar.  It can be a hockey game, soccer or anything that happens to be playing that night.  Nothing beats hanging out with the guys by visiting a stadium or sports bar to watch your favourite team play.

 Second: Shoot a Game of Pool

 After the game, head over to a bar to play some pool or arcade games.  Sometimes, the pool tables can be located at the same bar you watched the hockey game at.  It is a great way to catch up with the guys.  Share some funny stories about the Groom or talk about how crazy your boss is while enjoying a few beers and some bar food.  Playing pool doesn’t have to be the only games you and the guys play.  You can check out mini golf, bowling or a variety of indoor games that don’t consume much time.  After all, the real fun is yet to come…

 Third: Wind Down

 Rejuvenate and relax.  Head over to the Groom’s house for some pre-drinking before the fourth venue.  Here you can invite more of your buddies, play some video games and reserve your energy for the party.  You’re going to need it!  Winding down, however, doesn’t have only include hanging out at the Groom’s house.  You and the guys can visit an upscale restaurant and select some fine delicacies for dinner – after all, this is no ordinary night! 

 Fourth: Check Out A Club

Be it a strip club or a regular dance club, this is where the party happens!  Arrange for a taxi or limo (if applicable) beforehand and ensure everyone has a way to get home as well.  Make sure a booth is booked so that you and the guys can revel in some much-deserved V.I.P. partying with a bottle service “fill-up station”.  After the club, you and the guys can check into a nearby hotel or arrange to have your buddies crash at the groom’s place (with his consent, of course).

 Lastly, If you are planning a multi-venue bachelor party, ensure it is communicated well on the invitation.  You can add an estimated time-line on each invite or include a few cell phone numbers so that if someone chooses to come to only part of the event, they can be sure to arrive at the right time.  Make sure you arrange for the groom and those nominated as “most likely to get drunk fast” to have a ride to each destination at all times – arranging for several cabs if need be.

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