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Renting A Party Bus For A Bachelor Party Night

April 18, 2012 Bachelor Party, Best Man, Jack & Jills, The Groom, Unique Party Ideas

The “Boogie” or Party Bus

You’ve thought of the casino, the bar and grill, the strip club, a hockey game and endless ideas for yourParty Bus Toronto buddy’s bachelor party and you’re inviting tons of people.  As a result, you want your party to rent a limo or pick up the usual taxi, but not everyone may be able to fit due to its limited capacity.  This causes guests to show up at different times and that creates delays.  Delays and the frantic dialing of everyone’s number asking where they are and how long they’ll be.  Plus parking hassles.  Have you ever heard of the “Boogie Bus” or party bus?  It seats up to 40 people in a lounge-style, luxury bus that has a built-in theatre system, iPod dock, bar, strobe lights on the ceiling and walls similar to that of a nightclub, and a dancer’s poll.  The party bus is essentially everything you want at a party, brought to you in a moving vehicle!  Other than it’s high-class interior, there are some other great qualities a party bus can offer you and your friends:

 It’s convenient

No need to worry about ensuring all your friends have a ride to the venue or back home – the bus can seat up to 40 passengers, comfortably.  You don’t have to give everyone directions and have them fend for themselves, risking the possibility of your guests getting lost on their way to each venue.  Furthermore, you do not need to appoint anyone to be a designated driver, worry about parking or face possible DUI charges since everyone plans on drinking.  The party bus driver you’re assigned with that night stays with your party at each destination and waits for everyone at night.

 Pre-planned Destinations

Unsure about where you’d like to take your friends with the party bus? You can register for a package with your bus rental.  Some of the packages include visiting up to five bars in one night! Mix it up and start with some fine dining at a fancy restaurant, head over to a pub for some pre-drinking and pool, and end the night at a strip club. You can request customized ones as well.  Often times these multiple destinations are included with the price you pay when renting the party bus.  This makes it easier to head over to your restaurant or club and you won’t be waiting in any lineups, as the venues are pre-booked for your party.

 Hire Entertainment

 Be it karaoke, your iPod or a few ladies in lingerie – or all three – you decide what entertainment you and your friends want to hire to entertain the crowd on the way to your destinations.  This will make traveling to each venue just as enjoyable as being at each destination, so the party never ends.  You can chose from a variety of busses with various features from karaoke busses, to busses with a complete dance floor.

 The Perfect Pre-Party

 What makes the party bus stand out from renting the average limo is that it will make the perfect pre-party before your destination and in-between destinations.  You don’t have to worry if there is not enough beer or food for your guests nor would you have the burden of cleaning up the mess in your house at the end of the night.  Lastly, all guests can enjoy every second of the party, even the in-between, travel times!

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