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When To Start Planning Your Bachelor Party

September 12, 2012 Bachelor Party, Best Man

Your friend called you late last night and told you the great news – He’s engaged!  He’s ready to wear the proverbial “ball-and-chain” and turn his girlfriend of four years into his wife and you couldn’t be happier for him.  What’s more is that your buddy Planning a bachelor party and drinking beerhas asked you to be the best man.  Should you accept your new title, a whole slew of responsibilities are expected of you.  One of the many responsibilities of being crowned, “The Best Man” is to plan the bachelor party of a lifetime.  Remember, the bachelor party is not just for your engaged buddy, but also a night of entertainment for friends and colleagues.  We’ve broken down every major part of the bachelor party planning to help you.  Bust out your calendar and start jotting down these important dates:

You Were Just Appointed The Best Man:

You’re probably not sure what you want to do yet, so you might want to start doing some research.  Ask your friends, male family members, colleagues and even the groom-to-be what would work best for a bachelor party.  By the following week, you should have some concrete ideas.

Setting The Date:

Does the groom have the wedding date set?  Even if it’s not till next year, plan the bachelor party ideally one to two weeks before the wedding day.  This is mostly because the bride and groom will be extremely busy within the last few days leading up to their wedding day and they will need all the time they can to finalize details (and rest, too!).

Ten Weeks Before The Bachelor Party:

A club? A concert? You should have a concrete party idea set by now. Speak with an event consultant on specific party features.  Budget yourself, too – keep a spreadsheet of all the costs you will incur.

Eight Weeks Before The Bachelor Party:

Your bachelor party tickets should be designed and printed by now.  Decide with the groom on an agreeable price to charge guests for each ticket.  Remember, a portion of the ticket price will go to support the groom once he’s married.  Facebook or e-mail invites won’t work because you’ll never know who’s actually interested in coming and you will end up making your rounds calling everyone to confirm.

Six Weeks Before The Bachelor Party:

Round up the male members of the bridal party to start selling tickets with you.  Tickets should be given to friends, family members, colleagues and basically anyone who wants to party and support the groom-to-be.

Two To Three Weeks Before The Bachelor Party:

Once tickets have begun selling, you’ll get a rough estimate of guest numbers.  This is when you will begin arranging for a type of transportation – either by limo or you could get a hotel room near the venue.  Who ever wants in on the limo or a hotel room has to pay their fair share this week so you can book the necessary arrangements.  A hotel or limo eliminates having your friends show up at different times, worry about parking and/or choose a designated driver.

The Week Of The Bachelor Party:

Finalize transportation arrangements or hotel room, VIP booth and so on.  Pay any outstanding fees. If you’re getting a hotel room, make sure a cold pack of beer is waiting for you all in the mini fridge.  Don’t just sit there, start planning..

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