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Why The Bride Shouldn’t Be Part of The Bachelor Party

June 13, 2011 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom

‘Mum’s the word’ when it comes to the bachelor party.  The obvious reason for the secrecy is because the bachelor party is something the groom and his guys do together, which usually involves much alcohol and crazy partying.  But have you stopped and thought about the many reasons why the bride should not be part of the bachelor party plans, other than the obvious?  There are quite a few (and for very good reason) why the bride should not be included in the bachelor party plans.

 If Girls Are Present

 Be it strippers, go-go dancers, girlfriends of the groomsmen or female friends and colleagues.  The bride doesn’t want to know if other girls will be present at the party.  Would you want to know that the girl your about to marry and her fellow bridesmaids have hired, let’s say, firefighter strippers to their house to celebrate her last days as a single lady?  Didn’t think so.  Sometimes, there are things that are not meant to be shared.  There are many reasons for this as well.  The bride can become jealous, offended and perhaps even start to think that the groom has got something to hide.  Telling the bride is definitely a big no-no when you’re planning to have girls around.  After all, what could seem like a harmless evening of fun can cause much anxiety for the bride if she knows what will be happening.

 A Guy’s Night Out 

This is a guy’s night, of course.  If the bride is involved, everything about the party would be toned down and the groom won’t have the maximum amount of fun that he should be having before he says, “I do.”  The bachelor party is the one night a groom-to-be should always remember as it will include a lot of wild partying that he has never thought would ever be possible in his lifetime.  The guys plan it for him and he reaps all the benefits.  And remember: the crazier, the better.  After all, he won’t ever get to party like this once he’s married.

 Location: Unknown 

Keep the location on the down low.  Even denying there will ever be a bachelor party is sufficient enough in this case!  Don’t include the bride, nor should you even give her any hints on the bachelor party whereabouts. This is very important.  You wouldn’t want a bunch of familiar females – i.e.: the bride and her bridesmaids – to surprisingly show up, would you?  Or worse, she sends some of her “spies” to watch over her fiancée on one of the best nights of his life.  Now the bride may think it would be innocent, even cute to surprise her man on a night out to show him she’s thinking about him, however, you absolutely can’t risk what she may discover at a crazy night out when all the guys are involved.

 When Planning

 While organizing the event, ensure secrecy with all members of the bachelor “committee.”  That means, hide all credit card bills and important documents involving the bachelor party.  The bride-to-be can know about the date of the party, though – this allows her to plan her own bachelorette party, or to at least be aware that she may not spend time that night with her fiancée.  However, the bride certainly cannot learn about the specifics of the event.  As mentioned earlier, you risk the bride crashing the party, or her becoming suspicious of the event itself.  If you’re planning the bachelor party, I’m sure you want her to plan her own wild night out with the girls just as much as you’ll be having a crazy time with the guys.  Remember, there’s always YouTube and Facebook evidence that may follow after the party!

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