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Wine Tasting Bachelor Party

June 20, 2012 Bachelor Party, Best Man, Unique Party Ideas

When you think of a bachelor party, often you will envision an extravagant over-the-top event with a never-ending flow of booze.  Well, booze, partying and a ton of pretty women.  But sometimes the groom may not be intoWine Tasting at Vineyard for Bachelor Party such a wild party.  Of course, he would still prefer to enjoy drinks with his best buds on a Saturday night even if it is a simple toned-down occasion.  Nothing says ‘simplicity’ like the private wine tasting tour.  You and your buddies can tickle your taste buds with a variety of wine samples from some of the best wineries in town.  What’s great about hosting your friend’s bachelor party at a winery is that wine tasting venues are virtually anywhere and you guys wouldn’t have to worry about booking this event ahead of time as most wineries are usually walk-ins.  Here are some ideas to keep in mind for this unique bachelor party:

 Selecting the venue

While you may not have to book the venue in advance, you and the guys still need to decide on where you all would like to go for wine tasting.  It would be wise to put together some sort of list of your favourite wineries and once a winery has been selected, send out the invites accordingly to the rest of the crowd you’d like to invite.  Please keep in mind that wine tasting is a 19+ event and younger guests such as the junior usher may not find it as entertaining as the adults.

 Make a weekend out of it

Why should this be a one-day event?  Wineries like the ones from Niagara-On-The-Lake offer great packages to stay at some of their nearby hotels for the weekend.  You can always visit Trip Advisor and locate some of the best wineries and nearby accommodations for you and your friends.  When you’re not out and about sampling wine, you and your buddies can enjoy some of the local cafes, restaurants and general nightlife.

 The low-key kind of event

The groom-to-be may be a pretty low-key kind of guy.  He’s never been into crazy partying and believes his “partying days” have come and gone by this stage in his life.  Plus if you’re close with your boss and some of your coworkers, this is the type of bachelor party you’d want to invite them to, without having to worry about anyone doing anything embarrassing as it is not your typical bachelor party.  Of course, if colleagues are present, be sure to drink responsibly!

 Mixology class?

Forget wine tasting, why not wine making?  Or better yet, you can have the opportunity to make a variety of neat alcoholic beverages that you and your friends can enjoy.  Check out the Toronto Institute of Bartending (TIB) where you and your buddies can sign up for one (or several?) of their mixology classes and learn to make some savory cocktails.  It’s not your ordinary classroom either – you can mix and mingle with other people in the class, while sampling a variety of drinks.  If mingling with complete strangers is not your thing, you can arrange to have the classes customized for your particular party’s needs.  On another positive note, you can earn your bartending license and be available for friends and family to make drinks at any house gathering you host or attend in the future.

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