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Winning Big at the Casino

July 26, 2012 Bachelor Party, Best Man, The Groom

It seems realistic enough: you and your friends decide to go to the casino one night for your buddy’s Winning Big At The Casinobachelor party.  As you’re making your rounds; rolling dice, pulling the side bar on slot machines and putting on your best poker face, the unthinkable happens – you win at the casino.  And we mean big time.  Who would have thought that one of the major prizes at a casino becomes awarded to you?  Once you collect your earnings, you turn to your buddies and they look at you in amazement, wondering what you will plan to do next.  Of course, you know what the plan will be:  Spoil yourself and your friends rotten.  Here are some suggestions on how to spend your winnings with your friends:

Rent The Penthouse Suite

Don’t settle for less.  You’re tired of renting out budget rooms for you and the guys whenever you go out and now that you’ve got a few extra dollars to spend, you might as well live your dream.  You’re ready to take on an executive-level suite and order all the room service your heart desires.  And by room service, we don’t just mean food.  Hire exotic dancers to come to your room, purchase the best booze in town and make sure you’ve got all your executive-level perks.  Who says your boss is the only one who deserves these perks?  Live it up!

 The Best Night Out Ever

Rent a limousine to take you guys out, buy a fancy suit for the evening, eat at one of the city’s most upscale restaurants and order bottle service and a VIP booth.  This night just got amazing because you won at the casino!  Don’t forget to lavish yourself and your friends with the best accessories, too: gold jewelry, a Mont Blanc watch and other stylish designer items.  It’s time to start living a lavish lifestyle.  See if you can rent a Ferrari or your dream car the next day.  Don’t forget to purchase valet parking at your hotel!

Take A Vacation

After winning a ton of money, you don’t want that night to end.  You may consider taking another vacation, especially since your one night out ended with you winning a lot of money.  That one night out could now turn into a week or two of fun.  If you won at a local casino, book a trip for you and the guys to Las Vegas for more gambling or head to Miami for a week of partying and relaxation on the beach.  The groom would love you for it, too.  Just make sure you don’t plan the trip a week before the wedding!

 Quit Your Job And Keep Gambling

Of course, if your winnings are in the millions you may be eligible to retire at a very young age or at least take a good ten years off from work.  But what will you do with all your free time, while your buddies continue on with their regular nine-to-five jobs?  If you plan on doing the early retirement route, you might want to continue playing at the casino to see if you can win another few million dollars so that all your friends can end up retiring early with you! 

**If your future plans include visiting a casino, please play responsibly.  This blog post was solely for entertainment purposes**

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