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Winter Theme Bachelor Party Ideas

February 8, 2012 Bachelor Party, Best Man, Unique Party Ideas

Winter’s Bachelor Party

It is the winter season! And although snow has been lacking in some southern parts of Ontario, you can be sure that snow machines are in full force in places like Horseshoe Valley, Blue Mountain and various resorts that offer hotel and spa stays and a variety of winter activities nearby.  Make it a weekend trip with the guys, rent your snow gear at the resort’s closest snow terrain and make sure to book a nice relaxation massage at your resort’s spa. Who says you can’t have fun with winter for your best friend’s bachelor party?

Go Skiing

Check out a resort up north or out west to such luxurious ski resorts as in Banff, Alberta! Skiing is not only a great exercise that tones your entire body, but it is also beneficial for your heart muscles. You and your five best friends can breathe in the fresh air, enjoy hitting the slopes and poke fun of your buddies who still need to ski on the bunny slopes.  Don’t forget to wind down and relax your muscles after a long day of skiing in a hot tub at your resort’s spa.  If you plan on going skiing on several days you may want to purchase a weekend or seasonal pass so you and the guys can enjoy some quality skiing time across several days, before and after the bachelor party.

 Snow Tubing

Okay so the ‘baby’ in your group of friends doesn’t want to do the skiing option because he deems it to be ‘unsafe.’  As a safer option, you may want to try snow tubing!  It is not only safe, but a lot of fun and you and your buddies do not need to take any particular lessons beforehand.  Try visiting Ski Snow Valley ( in Barrie as they offer various packages for you and your friends to enjoy.  Ski Snow Valley is said to offer the largest snow tubing landscape in Ontario, making multi-person tubing rides possible on a variety of lanes and slopes.

 Hit The Ice

If your party consists of 20 or more people, consider doing an outdoor ice hockey tournament.  Guests can pick their teams once they get to the rink or you can have teams pre-determined on colour-coded invitations!  Half the invites can be printed in red and the other half in blue.  Once guests have confirmed they are coming, have jerseys made for each team from a T-shirt shop and have them laid out, ready to be worn by each player.


This is tobogganing while under the influence of alcohol.  It can take place at any local park after a major snowfall; given this park has a few bunny hills.  Before we condone such an activity, ensure that your party plays it safe; keep a few sober people on location and ensure that proper winter clothing is worn at all times – hats, skiing gloves, warm winter coats and boots to prevent injury or frost bite.  One way you can ensure things don’t get out of hand is to bring a small cooler of beer with you to the park.  This way, the little alcohol there is to consume, the little time you’ll spend tobogganing drunk and risking any injuries.  Keep the party going once you all arrive back home with some videogames, great music, easy-to-make finger foods and a fresh backyard hangout!

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