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The Bachelorette Gourmet Dinner : Unique Party Ideas

April 2, 2012 Bachelorette, Unique Party Ideas

You walk into your best friend’s house, the bride-to-be, and you’re immediately greeted by all your other girlfriends around a table that is set for 15 people and nicely decorated in the thematic colors of pink and black.  As you make your way to the table, you’re enticed by a hot plate of creamy stuffed mushrooms filled with garlicky cream cheese, drizzled in olive oil and nicely displayed on a platter with toothpicks poked through each mushroom.   Once you’re all gathered and seated around the table, a variety of gourmet food is presented to you and your friends to choose from and enjoy along with a quarter-full glass of red wine.  After several courses, desserts of every variety is served and you have your pick of cheesecake, apple pie a la mode or chocolate brownies and pair your dessert with a rich and creamy vanilla-flavoured latte.  If you haven’t guessed it by now, this is a bachelorette party that will satisfy all your girlfriends’ cravings: Hire a chef for the evening to cook up gourmet delicacies that just melt in your mouth.  Here’s also why it works:

 You Satisfy Everyone’s Taste

Ever get the thought that no matter what kind of party you plan for your best friend’s bachelorette party, there will always be one or two ladies who disagree with your concept?  Maybe they dislike certain venues or don’t like the idea of having to do anything too wild for your friend’s bachelorette party.  Not to worry, by hiring a chef to cook a scrumptious meal for your friend’s bachelorette party, everyone’s taste buds will be satisfied.  Such culinary artists know everything about food and are willing to cook up any dish for any appetite.  So whether you’ve got vegetarians in the crowd, food-picky people or the true carnivores at heart that enjoy a meaty dish, your girlfriends can all enjoy their favourite foods in good company. 

 No Need To Book A Venue

 It’s a very simple concept and all you really need is a kitchen to host the party.  The hassle of calling all your friends to check their availability and see what interests them for a night out, calling every potential venue in the city to see what’s available and working around everyone’s budget can be very exhausting.  Costs can also add up once you factor in cover charges, alcohol, taxis and so on.  Plus, who doesn’t like a nice wholesome meal with all the girls at a familiar house?  This gives you ladies the privacy of your own place to hang out, catch up over wine and delicious food, discuss some of the wedding details and predict who at the table will be next girl to walk down the isle. 

 Transportation is Effortless

 Having the venue at a friend’s house or the house of the bride-to-be is a convenient venue to house the bachelorette party.  Since most of the people invited will already know each other, it will be an easy choice of venue to go with and it allows for several members to carpool and arrive together.  Your guests will never worry about parking costs and if it’s okay with the bride, guests can sleep over and the dinner party can turn into a fun slumber party at the end of the evening – cheesy romantic comedies, pink pajamas, feathery boas and glasses of wine!

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