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The Diva Destination: Bachelorette Getaways

April 15, 2010 Bachelorette

Okay ladies: this is for the daring bachelorettes looking to travel abroad with all her girls in celebration of her final days as a hot single lady!  From spa getaways of complete relaxation to shopping extravaganzas, we have you covered.  All you need is your suitcase, passport and a digital camera… okay, and your Visa card.  Don’t just do a simple night out on the town or a trip to Vegas where you may run into your fiancée and his buddies (awkward!)… Make your bachelorette getaway one to be remembered; make this getaway your own! So plan a martini get together at your place tonight, invite your closest girlfriends and suggest the following destinations for your bachelorette getaway (hey, the bachelorette fun only comes once!):


New York, NY:

            Well known for being the “city that never sleeps,” embark on both a shopping and touristy excursion. Be sure to visit the famous neon-lit Times Square surrounded by themed shops and restaurants such as the Hard Rock Café.  Grand Central Terminal is definitely a must-see as it is a historic landmark with a variety of events, high-end markets and restaurants. Lest we forget: major shopping hot spots such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman… or take a stroll down Madison Avenue for several blocks of celebrity designer shops! This is the kind of destination where you won’t have to do much planning as you’re where all the action is – just book and go!

Grand Canyon, AZ:

              Offering some of the best in luxurious spas from around the world, you and your girls will enjoy a truly relaxing experience.  From Asian to Mediterranean and Spanish treatments, make your spa getaway truly your own and break away from the pressures of work by treating your girls to some TLC.  When you’re not indulging in wellbeing pleasures, Grand Canyon is a world-renowned landmark and natural wonder.  Complete with a variety of excursions such as tours, hiking and rafting; enjoy a free shuttle bus to the Grand Canyon departing from many nearby hotels.  If you’re looking for adventure, this breathtaking experience will never be forgotten.

Santa Barbara, CA:

            Picture this: miles and miles of a sunny beach with palm trees and mini shops lined up along the shore. Check out State Street, a strip plaza mall where paradise-meets-flare as you ladies can shop-till-you-drop for some of the most unique items and hidden gem boutiques.  End the day off by dining at one of State Street’s several fabulous restaurants. Visit some of the local wineries, as California is well known for its many vineyards and perfect climates that produce grapes of the highest quality.  Be sure to stay in one of Santa Barbara’s intimate beach inns and keep your windows open at night to capture the peaceful sounds of the waves along the shore while falling asleep.

St. Kitts:

            If you and your girlfriends are looking to soak up some sun and sip on a tropical drink among a backdrop of paradise, then St. Kitts is the perfect destination! However, when you’re taking some time away from sunbathing, be sure to whip out your digital camera and snap away at some of the amazing landscapes that St. Kitts has to offer such as the post-card-worthy serene panoramic views, the seaside lagoons, tropical forest areas and colonial architecture.


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