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Importance of Ticket & Invites

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An invite or a ticket may just look like another leaflet but it is of utmost importance because of its functionality. It creates an impact which can potentially make an everlasting impression on the minds of prospects buying or getting the invite. Needless to say, free ‘word of mouth’ promotion is an inherent aspect of such a product. The effectiveness of invites/tickets is primarily owing to the longevity it enjoys in the hands of the bearer.

Friends toasting with beer at party

Friends toasting with beer at party


Certain protocols and standards are inescapably important to make an invite attractive, or rather more inviting. They are:

  • Creative Design – The core task of communicating and providing information is done by the creative design on the invite/card. Ideally, it should be unique and influential to attract eyeballs.
  • Paper Quality – Invitation cards are basically meant for inviting guests/delegates for a special occasion, and hence the quality must be superlative. It must have correct thickness to last and the right dimensions to accommodate the design.
  • Information – Invites and tickets must have all the necessary details of the event. E.g. for a pre-wedding party, Bachelor Tickets must have information on instructions, dress code, and food options etc.

Such party invitation cards also have plenty of branding and promotional messages which must be conveyed in an effective manner. Besides, the usage of tickets is an assurance that the intended message is conveyed to the right individual without giving much choice over.


Stag Party Invites

Stag Party Tickets

The Spring – Summer Bachelor Party

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So spring is here – or at least we hope it’s near because the weather hasn’t been too promising.  But just as the grass is growing greener and the sun is beginning to warm us up, it is the perfect time for a bachelor party to flourish.  It goes without saying that both the spring and summer time brings many outdoor activities and events that you and the guys can definitely enjoy.  So pull out your shorts, a tee and a light sweater; throw on your boat shoes and let’s party!

Night Clubs With Patios …or A Live Concert

The patios of nightclubs are starting to open up and are filled with outdoor bar kiosks, heat lamps and Dj’s.  outdoor-skybar-patio-partyLeave your coat at home finally, as coat rack check-ins are no longer available during these warm months.  If you’re visiting clubs such as C-Lounge, which has an outdoor pool and several bars along the rim of its outdoor patio, it’ll be a nice change from the typical indoor, crowding clubs.  If going to a club seems too average for you and your buddies, try checking out one of Toronto’s many outdoor concerts and entertaining festivals, like Summerlicious or Edge Fest 2012 this July.

Out In The Wilderness

Who wouldn’t enjoy heading out into the wilderness, learning to build a tent and starting a warm fire for the cool evenings?  It’s a fantastic and very healthy experience to hike around various forests and taking in the fresh smell of natures earthly scents.

Houseboat Party

This was mentioned in a previous post, but it is nice to bring up again as the houseboat offers you and your buddies a great time and your own private party as you sail on a lake for a few days.  One of you, whoever is appointed as “captain” of the ship, would have to take a quick instructional course prior to departing.  The expensive costs of renting a houseboat can be greatly reduced if you have many of your buddies attending.  Also, like a home, the houseboat includes many facilities such as a kitchenette, BBQ, cold storage and TV set.

Outdoor Sports

When the snow melts, everyone comes out to play!  This is especially true for those who love summer sports, such as tennis and soccer.  Why not consider signing out a tennis court or soccer field for you and your friends for the day?  Bring a cooler and pack it with the essentials – Gatorade, fruit and bottled water – and you’re ready to show off your skills and become labeled as the next Roger Federer.  Another option would be to see a tennis match for the 2012 Rogers Cup or some other sporting event.

A Backyard BBQ Party

If you’re looking to keep things casual and simple, there is nothing wrong with a backyard summer BBQ party.  Have a cooler set up with all your favourite drinks, set up a stereo system with some party tunes and enjoy the night away.  However, such outdoor parties don’t have to be held at someone’s house.  They can be held at an outdoor park, such as Boyd Conservation Area, as a way to savour the outdoors and enjoy good company without having to worry about messes at either yours or the groom’s house.  Of course, if you’re going to host a party at a public park, there are certain fees and parking or time restrictions your group needs to be aware of.  Good luck!

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