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The Jack and Jill Party Planner

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Increasing in popularity are the Jack and Jill parties.  Unlike the formal engagement party with solely the bride and groom’s families meeting and celebrating in the couple’s love; the soon-to-be-spouses team-up and join forces with their bachelor and bachelorette parties for a night of fun, entertainment and of course, embarrassing stories!  For those involved with planning the Jack and Jill or as some would call it, the ‘Stag and Doe,’ be prepared to throw a big party as an event like this would involve many people – the bride’s and groom’s friends and families.  The event should most likely be held at a small banquet hall due to the large amount of attendees and consider a disk jockey be present to keep the party pumping all night long.  Games should be taken into consideration, particularly raffle or door prizes, in which funds go to assist the bride and groom with their wedding and new life together.

When considering a theme for the Jack and Jill party, please be sure the theme is compatible for both men and women.  Having a jack and Jill centered around, say, a ‘football-and-wings’ theme may not go over well with some of the ladies at the party.  Take each guest into consideration but keep it fun – have games, raffles (as mentioned earlier) and no Jack and Jill is complete without some embarrassing stories about the Bride and Groom, so delegate a few friends to say some speeches! 

Some themes you may want to consider are a Hawaiian Luau, Casino Night Party, Western Theme, and many others – try to stick to each theme as much as possible from the food choices to the centre pieces and even the festivities!  You want to keep guests entertained all night long and enjoying every bit of it!  Stick to the theme with colours, décor and style …even with your wardrobe as the host(s)!  If you have a “Hollywood Oscars Night” theme let’s say, invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite celebrities or have them arrive wearing evening gowns and suits.  The party invitation should reflect the theme very well – if you’re going to go with the Hollywood theme, get snazzy VIP-style invitations made to really set the mood of the event.  You can draw inspiration from movies based on whichever theme you decide.

The Jack and Jill party is a bit cleaner as it is not a typical bachelor/bachelorette party with the usual adult content.  Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are centered around having the future Bride or Groom enjoy their final days as a single person by dancing with the opposite sex, or going to a strip club and so on. One thing that you should think about is the possibility of inviting children to this event since it is more friends-and-family oriented and may not run very late into the night.  Having said that, you might want to have a children’s table set up complete with loot bags, colouring books and the like so that the little ones at the party don’t get bored or feel left out.

The Thank You Gifts Post-Event

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Always an aspect of any Bachelor’s party that may be commonly overlooked is the thank-you notes and gifts to guests after the event. These have actually started to become popularized over the past decade and have always been a common gesture at weddings, bridal showers and the like. Along with the thank you gift, ensure each guest is individually recognized with his or her name printed on a tag attached to each gift. As well, include the Groom’s/Bride’s name and of course, the event’s date. It always says something when you thank your guests with a small memorabilia. As an added bonus, the thank-you gift is guaranteed to be something attendees would always remember your event by. Here are a few gifting suggestions:

Boys’ night in? Give several photos (framed) of particular past events he and the groom shared that was very memorable. I’m sure each of your buddies have a memorable moment captured in a photo of a particular time they’ve shared with the groom and what better way but to place that memorable moment – be if funny, serious, a club night, etc. – in a photo and frame they can keep permanently. Photos can be found and printed off your online social networking sites like Facebook and My Space. To give it that personal (and creative) touch, add some details; perhaps add text that describes the photo itself and/or when it was taken.

Maybe the above suggestion is too touchy-feely for the type of bachelor/bachelorette party you are hosting. That’s fine! Give a funny gift that is part of your group of friends’ inside jokes or something that will make your guests laugh at. After all, the bachelor/bachelorette party should be something memorable, so why not give the gift of laughter as a final remembrance for your guests? As mentioned, it could resemble an inside joke, a place where your group has been or anything that will really get your friends going as it reflects something between you and your friends.

You could always go in a somewhat simpler direction and give a gift that goes hand-and-hand with the bachelor’s theme. Bachelorette parties in recent times hold themes such as: Moulin Rouge, Tiffany & Co., and Diva parties. Try to get your guests something like a jewelry piece if it’s a Tiffany & Co. theme or if your Bachelor party were a sports event, a jersey or coffee mug featuring the Groom’s favorite team logo would work perfectly (note: you can get these specially made). Whatever the theme, make a list of possible gift ideas you could find that fit the party’s direction and consider the main ideas behind the theme to best fit its profile. Just a thought: if you buy in bulk, you’re sure to earn several discounts on gift prices!

Another gift idea that’s rising-in-popularity are thank you gifts that go to charity. You could hand out thank you cards, which include a small note inside to communicate that a certain amount was donated under his/her (guest’s name) name to a charity of your choice. What’s good about doing this is that it eliminates looking for particular items that go with your party’s theme, it eliminates the possibility of having extra gifts at the end of the night and finally, each donation can be made in a dollar amount of your choice all while supporting a great cause!

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