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The Invitation Says it All

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It is the most important communication piece you will ever have pertaining to your event.  Guests most of the time would have to purchase one in order to be in attendance – of course, all proceeds would benefit the guest of honour, The Groom. These are the invitations and they are an Invitation Says It Allessential and necessary communication piece to give to your guests.  While online social media invites like iContact, E-vite and Facebook Groups allow a much simpler and quicker format to invite guests to a bachelor party, there is a much more formalness to a professionally made, printed invite.  This is a communication piece that commemorates a transition in a man’s life, a rite of passage before he is committed to one person for the rest of his life and ending his crazy, single partying lifestyle.  Here are a few more reasons why a tangible invitation is a must-do:

In an age of instant communication, you lose the human touch:

We get invited to the odd party, concert, birthday bash, beer fest, walk-a-thon and so on through Facebook and other social media invitations.  Since we’re so use to this platform, it only seems like the best way to communicate about a bachelor party, right? Wrong.  We’ve become so accustomed to this standard way of invitation giving that we lose sight of the importance a tangible invitation gives us – that human touch.  Furthermore, it’s created on a cookie-cutter platform, leaving no room for a creative or personalized input and your invitation would therefore look like any other.  Thirdly, your guests will think that since it was created online, it is a casual event and they may feel they can invite other people and before you know it, 100 guests show up when you had intended on only 30 that night.  Lastly, you can’t keep track of who’s coming with an online invitation.  Because it’s such an informal invite, people will just state that they’re attending and feel they still can chose to be a no-show, should anything else come up.  Or worse, they will be listed as a “maybe” and you’re caught trying to regularly get in touch with them to confirm who’s coming and who’s not, leaving you struggling up until the night before the party, just to get the final guest count. 

 The right kind of communication:

Nothing communicates better than a tangible invitation in the hands of your invitees.  The invitation will set the tone of your event and give the appropriate information on the venue, theme, activities and the like – without any miscommunication (or anyone to reply on some event “wall” or two-way social media platform with alternative suggestions and inappropriate comments).  This is a controlled invitation because it is issued to only those invited and they “earn” it by purchasing them.  They can’t bring a friend last minute or delay their status confirmation either – once they’ve bought their ticket, they make it a priority to attend.  It’s also what’s written in the invitation that counts too, so get creative! An invitation doesn’t have to be boring with the same old headings like, date, time, place and R.S.V.P. There are many options to make your tickets suited to your likes and tastes.  Share some jokes about the groom or include that a magnum-sized bottle of Vodka will be given as a door prize. 

It makes your party official:

Once you have finalized the venue, date and every miniscule detail possible, the invitation is the final touch to make the bachelor party you’re organizing official.  Everything comes together once the invitations are done.  A professionally designed invite gives your event a more richer, holistic feeling.  Like a fundraiser or gala event, the tickets are to be sold and hopefully kept as a souvenir afterwards of a night well spent!

What NOT To Do in Las Vegas For A Bachelor Party

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Envision you’re sitting in your seat aboard an airplane that’s just about to take off on a direct flight to Las Vegas, Nevada with your five best friends.  Everything is all booked; the hotel, some top-notch restaurants for dining, a variety of shows and even some tee time.  You think you’ve got everything all covered and technically, you do and I applaud you for having everything set up.  However, there are a few odds and ends and minor concerns you probably don’t want to get stuck with if you’re in Sin City.  Remember, this is a place for non-stop partying.  So let’s ensure you have the time of your life by following a few simple rules.  Allow me to elaborate:

 Rule #1:

Never ever say you don’t have day plans.  While Vegas is notoriously known for its night life of strippers, clubs, parties andFlying into Las Vegas casinos during the night, you need to have several items on your to-do list planned for the daytime.  There should never be a dull moment when you’re in Vegas – day or night.  Ensure wherever you dine – be it lunch, dinner, afternoon snack – there is alcohol present!  Now we’re not suggesting you down as much alcohol as humanly possible and over-intoxicate yourself; keep in mind everything is good in moderation.  However, you’re in a city where every day is a party and there is excitement all around, so you shouldn’t, at the very least, be caught without a drink in your hand.  Just saying.

 Rule #2:

Always, always know where your tickets are.  Be it tickets to a show, a high-end nightclub, or anything that has been pre-booked.  These are significant pieces of information relating to any special event you attend and to avoid losing such items please ensure you’ve stored them in your hotel safe alongside your passport.  It might sound mundane to ask this of you but you’d be surprised how easy it is to lose tickets, especially when you’ve got several events planned on multiple evenings.  One way to organize your tickets – because believe me, you will have a lot – is to separate each set of tickets with a piece of paper folded on one side (hotel rooms usually provide a complementary pen and notepad, don’t worry) and label each set of contained tickets with the event’s name and date.  This way, you know which day is for which event and keep them organized chronologically.  Your buddies will thank you for it in the end.  It will save you all a lot of time searching and waiting for each roommate to look for their own. Plus they’re all in a safe place.  Now to choose a pass code you all can remember for your safe…

 Rule #3:

Finally, never, under any circumstances should you ditch the casino.  Seems like it wouldn’t be you? Might not be, but you’d be surprised how many people unintentionally miss out on some Black Jack and slot machine fun time.  With so many activities planned, you can get all caught up in your events, all while missing the main event of Vegas: casino gaming!  This is the top reason anyone books a trip to Las Vegas! It should be the highlight of your trip and you should squeeze in as much gaming time as possible, while maintaining proper gambling limits; let’s not create a gambling problem here, guys.  Plus, casinos are placed in almost every single hotel so squeezing in some Roulette or Black Jack from time to time should be permitted, even if you’re on your way to a party.  This goes with any other activity you have planned or randomly came across – ensure your days are jam packed with activities and events and try not to miss out on anything.  You only have so many days in Vegas, after all…