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What NOT To Do in Las Vegas For A Bachelor Party

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Envision you’re sitting in your seat aboard an airplane that’s just about to take off on a direct flight to Las Vegas, Nevada with your five best friends.  Everything is all booked; the hotel, some top-notch restaurants for dining, a variety of shows and even some tee time.  You think you’ve got everything all covered and technically, you do and I applaud you for having everything set up.  However, there are a few odds and ends and minor concerns you probably don’t want to get stuck with if you’re in Sin City.  Remember, this is a place for non-stop partying.  So let’s ensure you have the time of your life by following a few simple rules.  Allow me to elaborate:

 Rule #1:

Never ever say you don’t have day plans.  While Vegas is notoriously known for its night life of strippers, clubs, parties andFlying into Las Vegas casinos during the night, you need to have several items on your to-do list planned for the daytime.  There should never be a dull moment when you’re in Vegas – day or night.  Ensure wherever you dine – be it lunch, dinner, afternoon snack – there is alcohol present!  Now we’re not suggesting you down as much alcohol as humanly possible and over-intoxicate yourself; keep in mind everything is good in moderation.  However, you’re in a city where every day is a party and there is excitement all around, so you shouldn’t, at the very least, be caught without a drink in your hand.  Just saying.

 Rule #2:

Always, always know where your tickets are.  Be it tickets to a show, a high-end nightclub, or anything that has been pre-booked.  These are significant pieces of information relating to any special event you attend and to avoid losing such items please ensure you’ve stored them in your hotel safe alongside your passport.  It might sound mundane to ask this of you but you’d be surprised how easy it is to lose tickets, especially when you’ve got several events planned on multiple evenings.  One way to organize your tickets – because believe me, you will have a lot – is to separate each set of tickets with a piece of paper folded on one side (hotel rooms usually provide a complementary pen and notepad, don’t worry) and label each set of contained tickets with the event’s name and date.  This way, you know which day is for which event and keep them organized chronologically.  Your buddies will thank you for it in the end.  It will save you all a lot of time searching and waiting for each roommate to look for their own. Plus they’re all in a safe place.  Now to choose a pass code you all can remember for your safe…

 Rule #3:

Finally, never, under any circumstances should you ditch the casino.  Seems like it wouldn’t be you? Might not be, but you’d be surprised how many people unintentionally miss out on some Black Jack and slot machine fun time.  With so many activities planned, you can get all caught up in your events, all while missing the main event of Vegas: casino gaming!  This is the top reason anyone books a trip to Las Vegas! It should be the highlight of your trip and you should squeeze in as much gaming time as possible, while maintaining proper gambling limits; let’s not create a gambling problem here, guys.  Plus, casinos are placed in almost every single hotel so squeezing in some Roulette or Black Jack from time to time should be permitted, even if you’re on your way to a party.  This goes with any other activity you have planned or randomly came across – ensure your days are jam packed with activities and events and try not to miss out on anything.  You only have so many days in Vegas, after all…

Destination Bachelor Parties

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The bachelor party no doubt should be a night out with your best group of friends for an amazing evening.  But who says the bachelor party you plan for your soon-to-be married friend has to be in town… or for one night only?  Plan a bachelor party getaway with your group of friends that can last a weekend, week or several nights in a destination he’ll remember forever with the guys he likes to hang out with most.  Most guys’ thoughts immediately turn to Las Vegas as a single man’s destination to party it up at casinos and nightclubs every night.  However, below is a list of alternative party locations you and your buddies should consider (But, there’s nothing wrong in planning a Vegas trip in addition to those listed below either, right?):

Montreal, Quebec:

Deck yourselves in your Ferrari shirts and get tickets to the F1 Grand Prix or hit up your favorite nightclubs, as Montreal is known for its nightlife, strip clubs and youthful flare.  Each day, enjoy various tours to Old Montreal, Notre-Dame Basilica – Montreal’s oldest Catholic Church, or visit Montreal’s many art galleries and historical landmarks.  Finish off each day with an evening at one of Montreal’s trendiest Lounges and bars – there are many!

South Beach, Miami:

If there is one place that would be considered a true single man’s paradise, it’s South Beach, Miami.  During the day, South Beach is a popular place to soak up the sun and enjoy tropical drinks among a backdrop of sand, clear water, cruises and ongoing outdoor parties and concerts.  However, the beach is lined with high-end restaurants and cafes as well as a variety of discos and bars to attend every night – all just within walking distance from one another on the South Beach strip.

Caribbean Cruise:

The name says it all; think VIP treatment with your buddies in an all-inclusive 7-day party boat!  There are a variety of cruise lines such as Carnival Cruises that are predominantly considered “fun ships” for the amount of entertainment and festivities onboard.  All amenities are taken care of for you on a cruise (except alcohol) and you never have to worry about directions or traveling far – the ship is like a small moving town with everything you need; plus you get to visit exotic islands almost daily.

Nassau, Bahamas:

This is heaven on earth.  Perfect weather and the islands surroundings are absolutely breathtaking.  If you have a chance to book a room at the world-renowned hotel, Atlantis, you will not be disappointed! As a guest you can visit Atlantis’ multiple entertainment places such as the casinos, the race and sports book, comedy club, Water Park, tennis and sport centers and lest we forget, the amazing nightlife at Aura nightclub – all at this one hotel, no far travels or taxis necessary!

Cancun, Mexico:

Always a popular choice for round the clock partying and late-night-to-early morning bars with fantastic club and Latin hits to keep you guys grooving. Like the cruise, there are plenty of all-inclusive hotels where you and your buddies will always be pampered and, of course, served unlimited alcohol in an all-inclusive resort.  See you at Happy Hour!

Road Trip:

A great way to bond with your friends is by planning a road trip to a destination of your choice.  What’s good about this is you all can experience an adventure taking turns dictating where to go, what to see-and-do and above all, enjoying an authentic trip as it unfolds!

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