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Bachelor Party Budgeting

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Sometimes things get tough.  Planning a big party with friends can be costly and such costs can add up quickly.  This is an event that requires you to go outside your normal monthly fixed costs – rent, groceries, car insurance, gas, etc.  What if you don’t sell enough tickets in time? What if unexpected costs come up? What if someone backs out last minute? Financial questions as such can hinder your ability to plan the big bachelor party you envisioned for your buddy.  We’ve got a few tips for you to consider, before you start taking up extra hours at work or cutting back on your personal necessities.

 Do Your Homework:

Know what is available, see if you can get it cheaper and if not, determine what can be expendable.  This allows you to prioritize what is considered to be ‘important’ and what can be extracted, should you need to cut back on some costs.  You want to plan a huge party, but you wouldn’t want the event to go above and beyond your allowance.  Say you’re thinking about getting bottle service at a club and limo transportation. You may want to think about cutting back on the bottle service and just have your buddies come along with you and The Groom via limo.  This way, your guests can pay for their own beverages rather than have the bottle service, yet they can enjoy the luxury and comfort of going to the club and riding home in a limo altogether, not worrying about parking or appointing anyone to be designated driver.

 Hire An Event Planner:

 Sometimes, especially when you’re on a budget, an event planner can come in handy because he or she can work within the parameters of your budget.  They would have the expertise and resources to plan an event as cost-efficient as possible.  Your event planner can still arrange for quality entertainment and work with you on how you can include specific and unique features you want at a lower cost.

 Plot Your Budget:

 In order for a successful party to be held, you need to know where your funds are going.  From catering, to buying cases of beer, to decorations, you need to set up a spreadsheet of the costs needed for each item.  List the items vertically and next to each one write its quantity and price.  From there you can determine how much you can charge your friends and family members for tickets and figure out what can be considered expendable, should costs get too high.

 Know Your Guests:

Ensure your guests are fully aware of any costs they may need to pay.  The costs can include purchasing a ticket, to meals, to parking.  Have your guests be aware that once they purchase a ticket and they later decide that they no longer wish to attend, they need to sell it to someone else, rather than returning their ticket to you and asking for money back.  Your guests ideally would be your best friends and close relatives like a brother or first cousin and they normally wouldn’t have a problem supporting you with the event by purchasing a ticket.  However, once you invite those outside your circle of friends, acquaintances or other friends of The Groom you hardly know, make sure the rules of purchasing tickets and what each ticket can offer guests is made very clear.

Always Together, Forever.

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 They do everything together; vacationing, outings, the whole nine.  Why not plan the perfect Jack and Jill party for the pair who is always in sync?  Let’s not confuse this with the engagement party.  After all, the engagement party primarily involves each family in commemorating the couple’s engagement; it’s a meet-and-greet for both families and ultimately, it’s about parents welcoming a future son or daughter-in-law.  The engagement gathering is the official annunciation of the wedding.  But unlike the engagement party, the Jack and Jill is more relaxed; it can involve family, but it is mostly the couple’s friends who plan such a gathering for the soon-to-be spouses! 

Unlike your typical bachelor or bachelorette, the Jack and Jill is shared between the couple!  Jack and Jill Party CelebrationBut like a bachelor/bachelorette, the event is to raise money for the wedding.  That being said, the last few blog posts about suggested bachelor party ideas can be considered, but of course, the bride’s input should count too.  I mean, if she likes sports as does her groom-to-be, then a night out to a sports bar could work… but the message here is that both men and women need to be enticed in the party’s direction.

 First thing you need to consider are guest numbers.  This will be an event with double the amount of people when you think about it; both the bride’s and the groom’s friends will be invited!  You will want to consider a venue that can accommodate up to 40+ guests.  Also, you may want to consider jack and jill tickets specially designed for the kind of event with the focus on it being a bit more formalized than your typical stag or stagette since both the bride and groom will be involved.  Make it clear that this event will not be your typical ‘wild party’ in celebrating singleton, but rather a time to celebrate with friends and share in many memories before the couple says ‘I do.’

Just because it’s not a guys’ night out, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!  There are a wide range of themes that are associated with Jack and Jill parties such as a Western Theme, Moulin Rouge, and many more that are exciting for both men and women and at the same time aren’t too overly extravagant.  Consider raffles and prizes.  An idea would be to attach a perforated raffle ticket with a number to each invitation.  If there are any business owners in your group of friends, suggest they donate gift baskets from their companies for the giveaway.  Holding a mini auction to auction-off some of the donated gift baskets are a great way to raise money for the bride and groom.  Another money-raising idea (and quite fun, too!) is to have guests purchase game tickets or coupons upon entering (which you can have specially designed for the type of event).  Include several activities sectioned off in different areas of the venue and each guest would need to purchase game coupons/tickets in order to participate!

 Overall, the Stag and Stagette is meant for the couple – as the team they were always meant to be – to raise money in an innovative way for their wedding and new life together.  A recommendation for this special event (since it is more formal) would be to provide Thank You gifts/cards for each guest/family as a way to thank them for attending and giving their support.