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Your Ultimate Bachelor Party Checklist

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As the best man, one of your biggest responsibilities will be to plan the most important night of the groom’s life – his bachelor party! The following checklist is a rundown on all the things you will need to take care of while planning the party-

  • Confirm the list of guests with the groom.
  • Make sure all the right people are on the email chain whilst planning
  • Work with the groom or the groomsmen to find a weekend that suits everyone
  • Set a rough budget
  • Figure out a location and the list of activities to do.
  • If you plan on attending a stag event, make sure you purchase the stag party tickets well in advance.
  • Buy your airline tickets in advance
  • Book the hotel rooms
  • Book all the car rentals if necessary
  • Book hostesses if you plan on having any.
  • Pursue a basic research on the right bars, clubs and restaurants to visit
  • Arrange for designated drivers for your night out
  • Make it a point to plan at least one physical or outdoor activity
  • Make sure all the invitees have the hotel and meet up information.

If you are overwhelmed with the size of the task, you may also hire services of professionals who are able to plan the ideal stag party for the groom and his friends.

The Job of the Groomsmen at a Stag Do

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At a bachelor party, the role of the groomsmen is a lot more complicated than just getting drunk in a hotel suite. You are responsible for enabling the groom’s debauchery and also guarding his dignity.

Here are a few roles you will be expected to play over the bachelor weekend-

  • Keep him Hydrated at All times – Even if the groom is demanding more shots of vodka, it is your job to make sure he is drinking enough water. Every time you notice a finished glass in his hand, slip in a bottle of water to chug down.
  • Always let the Groom Win – Whether you playing a round of golf, basketball or Poker; make sure he is the one who always wins.
  • Always Pay for the Groom – All the groomsmen will be responsible to pick up the groom’s meals, green fees, stag party ticket, booze and the first few lap dances.

Finally, while we all know that the groom is a great guy who is true to his love, bachelor parties can often go beyond the predicted norms. It is your responsibility to act as the safety net when it comes to the moral decisions the groom makes during this weekend.

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