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The Bachelorette Party: Attending A Comedy Club

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Want to engage in some bonding time with the girls? How about a night out with the girls for some drinks and laughter?  Once you’ve scoped out your local comedy club, enjoy an entire evening tugging at your stomach muscles while a comedian stands on stage and entertains the crowd with some adult rated comedy.  Having your friend’s bachelorette party at a comedy club is also a great way to beat pre-wedding jitters and planning stress …and it’s way better than an average night of simply going out for a few drinks.  Here’s why else a night of laughter fits in perfectly with your bachelorette plans:

 The Bride Has Too Much On Her MindComedy Club Bachelorette Ideas

From going to her regular dress fitting, to ordering flowers, getting the invitations made, hiring a photographer and even deciding on the guest seating arrangements; she is one busy gal!  It’s time to take her out and have a couple of laughs over some cosmos with her favourite girls.  Laughter is the best medicine as they say.  After all, her wedding planning anxieties will be waiting for her as soon as she leaves the comedy club.  Ensure she makes the most of her time there!

Bonding The Adult Way

Remember your old slumber parties when you girls were 13-years-old and would wear matching pajamas while watching a family-friendly movie with your newly done makeovers after stealing your mother’s cosmetics?  The comedy show is the kind of bonding that adults do.  Attending an adult-rated comedy show allows you and the girls to enjoy some scandalous, often inappropriate, humour.  Of course, it’s all in good fun and it’s a terrific way to bond with the girls after stressful wedding planning meetings.  So clink your glasses together and prepare to laugh the night away.  Matching PJ’s are optional.  

Inexpensive Way To Escape The Ordinary

Purchasing tickets to a comedy show is pretty inexpensive.  You can get them for really cheap on various “local deals” websites or perhaps there are reduced prices when ordering tickets for a large group of people.  Furthermore, other than taking the bride out to your regular hangout for drinks, coffee and chatter, this gives you ladies a different experience to enjoy and it’s totally out of the ordinary, which the bride will appreciate.  Sit near the front, too.  Sitting by the stage gives you a whole different experience to the average comedy show because you may be picked on the entire evening by the comedian, which can add a lot of fun to your girls night out – you ladies practically become part of the show!

A Prelude To The Actual Party

The average comedy show is about two hours long.  Plus it’s inexpensive.  Did you also have something else in mind for the bride?  While the comedy club gives you and the girls some bonding time with a pink drink in hand, it also buys some time before the late night partying begins.  There’s no reason why you and the ladies can’t go out after the comedy club and enjoy some partying at a local nightclub.  After selecting an agreeable time for the comedy club, find out if anyone would be interested in a potential after party.  Don’t forget to book a limo!

The Shooting Range Bachelor Party

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As controversial as this may seem, having your best friend’s bachelor party at a shooting range offers you and your buddies the thrill of feeling like you’re Mark Wahlberg in an action flick! This is through the use of target shooting with a rented firearm at a supervised, certified shooting range facility.  Please note that when you and your budShooting Range Bachelor Partydies decide to visit a shooting range, the facility has to meet requirements as outlined by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Office of the Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario.  Check out Target Sports Canada as they are a certified shooting range facility and they are always supervised by Range Officers.  Furthermore, you are required to sign a waiver outlining that you will be using dangerous portable guns and that such firearms may harm either yourself or another person if they are not used correctly.  Here are some other considerations you need to be aware of prior to booking your friend’s bachelor party at a shooting range facility:

 Persons Under The Age of 18:

 If you have invited friends or relatives under the age of 18, there needs to be a parent or guardian present to sign off allowing their child to participate.  Furthermore, the legal guardian must provide the facility with a signed waiver and photocopy of their passport as well as proof of address prior to the booking date. The parent or guardian of the underage child needs to be at the facility the entire duration.  On the contrary, if your group is comprised of people over the age of 18, proper government identification needs to be presented, such as your passport or an Ontario Driver’s License.

 Wear The Proper Gear

 Arrive to the facility wearing comfortable clothing and a ball cap so that you can protect your face from the facility’s hot casings.  A participant is also permitted into the shooting range target area only if he or she is wearing closed shoes such as runners, as flip flops and sandals expose skin and can be dangerous should the hot casings fall on your feet while you are carrying a loaded gun.  Of course, the facility will provide all safety equipment including eye protection and gloves.  For any safety questions, it is best to speak with the facility’s on-site manager or Range Officer.

 Be Aware Of The Rules

 When you enter the shooting zone, you will be guided by a coach the entire time and your coach will show you how to successfully (and safely) hit your targets.  There will be supervision at all times at the shooting range by a Range Officer and he or she will determine and notify you when it is safe (or unsafe) to enter the front of the firing line.  Note: there is to be only one person in the shooting rage at any one time and firearms are only to be loaded at the time you are about to shoot.  Firearms are not to be taken outside the facility and any misconduct at the shooting range can result in criminal prosecution.  No one will be permitted to use firearms under the influence of either medication or alcohol.  If you plan on going out for a drink or two with the guys, it is best to plan a shooting range get together during the day so there is room in your schedule afterwards for a night of partying at a local bar or club.

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