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Taking On The Role As The ‘Bachelor Planner’: A Step-By-Step Guide to planning your party.

December 24, 2009 Best Man


The Bachelor Party Planner

When your best friend is getting married and you’re looking for a fantastic way to celebrate before he begins the next chapter in his life, where do you begin? This is no doubt an overwhelming process for one guy to manage. It requires a venue; the right crowd, bachelor party Invitations and above all, you’re the one responsible for ensuring your buddy has the best of memories during the last few nights of his singlehood.

A chronological to-do list – outlining every step from thought to the very last details of this unforgettable night – can come in handy when planning such an event. Breath a sigh of relief as the following list is to help you plan every step of the way. But first: set a date of when you want this Bachelor party to take place and ideally, it should be within the last three to four weeks before his big day. But certainly the most important: check the availability of the groom himself!

An ideal location to host a bachelor party or stag party.

Two Months Before:

Brainstorm ideas with friends and family. This can include talking to his siblings, the friends you two share and creating a bit of hype using both your networks from online social networking sites. Set the date, book a suitable venue and calculate all the possible costs involved. Arrange for further details depending on the party; catering, dj-entertainment, games, activities and the like so that you have enough time to call your contacts and prepare accordingly.

Six Weeks Before:

Start having your bachelor party invites made – nothing makes the main event official unless you have the tickets. Have them designed according to the theme as the invitation communicates everything about the event. Compile a list of who’s attending, who’s not and those possible “crashers” who may just happen to just show up while all along they’re telling you they’re ‘not sure.’ Set a price for this venue – after all, this is to raise money to help the Groom-to-be start his new life. You might want to start looking up game ideas or selecting games around a thematic format. Say for instance he likes hockey, you may want to have games around that motif. Prizes are a great way to award winners of this game. Consider also if you will be giving thank-you gifts to each of your guests. Again, stay consistent within the theme(s) of the party.

Two Weeks Before:

Ensure you go all-out for your buddy. Arrange for a limo service to pick him up or perhaps arrange for a night in a hotel with all your close friends after the party. Please make sure you have alcohol stocked in either the limo or the hotel’s mini fridge! Make his night-out one to be remembered, but of course do it responsibly.


Finalize all festivities and to assist you, appoint particular tasks to his family members or ushers from the bridal party if need-be, everyone wants to feel like they have an active role in planning such an amazing event. Above all, have fun! While this is an event for the groom-to-be in celebration of his youth, his best friend – you – were there to share in these great memories!


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